ArcaShip - Ship Racing Game

Here is what I am working on while I cant do much on Necrosys (multiplayer …) (just a matter of time,dont worry).
I started the game Monday (11/February/2013)
It is a space ship game where you must collect as many “$”,and destroy bubbles to regenerate your turbo and jump jet.

I will be posting updates here :slight_smile:

Latest Video :

The fundamental mechanics look fun, but the level itself doesn’t have very much personality; as I watch it, every turn feels like the rest and I don’t really have a sense of where we are in the level. That’s not bad in itself, but I feel like the level would really pop if there were landmarks of some kind, maybe a big loop, or some prop in the background, or something. There are little jumps but they don’t really look like much.

But hey, you started this a couple days ago, it’s looking good. I look forward to seeing this flesh out.

@BlendingBGE - Oh, wow, you improved it since yesterday. Great job! The level’s looking more complex and interesting, for sure.

High quality graphics as usual !
One thing that you should maybe work on is the feel of speed while moving. Maybe change some camera settings.

“Started two days ago :)” The level is currently place holder, I am workin on mechanics ,objectives and stuff,I will get to is as I finish these.

Looks amazing, you are a very quick developer and your art skills make everything look great! I do agree with Luftmensh when he says

as I watch it, every turn feels like the rest and I don’t really have a sense of where we are in the level.
but you have already improved on that! Great little game. :slight_smile:

Getting on level design…

The game looks perfect for phones (iPhone/Android) but also as a mini-game for Xbox or something, I’d love to give it a shot with a controller, do you plan on adding joystick support for PC? :slight_smile:

dubstep + space racing + nice graphics = awesomeness

Yep,I will try and add joystick support too !

Worked on HUD,and making the cheating impossible :):evilgrin:

WOW! I’m instantly impressed not only by how nice the graphics look, but also by how dang fun it looks. Top notch work. This is the kind of game I’d pay real money for. And if it had multiplayer… even moreso.

Than you! I plan to add multiplayer ,ability to shoot the other player ,chasing each other ,lots of fun.

A new update.
Worked on sounds, HUD, and added some new stuff :slight_smile:
Let me know what you think.

Looks fun. Love the sense of speed and boosting :smiley:
It’s cool how fast you decelerate when you let go of gas. The blue flame looks magnificent.

Very impressive, looks great!

Thanks guys.

Looks really good! love the sound effects, etc.

The only thing is the ship movement seems a little stiff, like when you go around the corners and what not.

But other then that it looks like a lot of fun.