arcee (female transformer)

hey everybody whats up! heres my latest project. its arcee the female transformer. so far i got the body and the head and face and stuff. im gonna be working on the arms and legs and stuff. i hade a question tho. i wanna put here in a pose but i suck a riggin and all that so im just gonna model it in the pose i guess unless someone else know some way to do it. :confused: thats why i thought i would post my progress here. anyway tell me what you think.


well… here an update cc anyone? anything at all would be great


heres my update for today i might work on the arms tonight. well… c & C would be nice


Nice work. I especially like the detail on the leg/foot. Are you going to use procedurals or uv texture?

1618: all you are posting are silhouettes. How can we comment on something we can’t see? Throw some light on your models.

okay last update for awhile i got alot of school work the rest of the week so i dont know if im gonna have time to upload anymore. oh also i know about the stuff over lapping i havent really worked on that yet


heres a little update im pretty much done with the basic model. but i still have to add the detail. also she has sort of wing things coming out of her back that i have to add but i didnt want to add the detail untill i got what kinda pose im gonna be putting her in so anyway here are some ones that i tried out. i plan on giving her a gun to. anyone it would be great if i could get some comment on what pose is better. or if you have a good idea for a pose. also any crits on the model would be cool as well thanks. oh also i know that the model is messed up at the joints and stuff like that but these were just rough poses not anything serious yet


great model, especially arms and legs, but I would work on the facial details a little more - the chin is a little pointy and some proportions are off. is the face going to be “transformer” metallic as well, or is it going to be “human”?

Like the overall shape of the model! Only thing that’s really bothering me is that
helmet thing. Feels a bit too big and clumsy. Maybe something completely different
would be better?
Also, the legs seem slightly too large, but might just be my eyes fooling me.
The things on the angles seem quite big. Disturbs the feminine silhouette. Try making
them like the ones on the elbows (maybe even smaller).

Good work!!

hey been awhile but ive been real busy with school lately havent had a free moment to work on this but i didnt have class today so i did some work. anyway heres what i got right now and i think im done with the model. i want to add some details however but im not sure exactly the best way of going about what i wanna do. the first picture is one of my references and ive been trying to figure out a good way to do the detail in the leg ( line down the middle and the circle thing) anyone have any ideas how to do this preferable without uv mapping because im terrible at it :frowning:


Well, you’ve got two ways to go. Either learn UV mapping (it really isn’t that hard, but you might want to do a few tutorials first, and make a checklist for yourself of important buttons and workflow) and put the detail in with a bump map, or model the detail in. Modeling the detail in might seriously mess up your mesh, depending on the level of detail you have now (Ie: if the verts are already there, just push them around. If you have to add verts to a smooth subsurfed mesh, you have some work cut out.)

If you’re not too picky about exactly matching your sample pic, you could model the hip hump as a separate set of vertices and just have them interpenetrate the leg surface. The seam down the center of the leg can be done by extruding the edge currently running down that same position and not moving it at all, or just moving it very slightly. Two edges very close will give you a nice seam.