Arch-028 Classical Dining

Inspied from an image I found on HOUZZ.

I started with the Fireplace as this was the most difficult to replicate, if I couldn’t get it right then the image wouldn’t work and I very nearly abandoned it.


Looks really well done and attractive overall!

Except for the soot. The darkest part is just a bit too dense and even to look real. It has unrealistic transitions. And the scratches look too deep and fresh. I went looking for the original, and that’s less dense, but it also has this relatively sharp border of the darkest part, so I can see where you got it. Maybe that’s a render too. Even if that is real, it draws my eye because I’d be curious how that could happen, and you don’t really want my eye to linger on the soot of all things. :wink:

For illustration, this is representative of the look I’d expect:


It is too intense I agree, its an Alpha plane and for some reason when I reduce the visibility you can see the outline of the Alpha (if you look closely you can see it) so I gave up on it…Thanks for you input.

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Ok so I solved the Alpha issue and re-uploaded…(Yea it was bugging me.)

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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