Arch Street Viz - Autumn's here

Hey Blender Community,

something recent from me. Renders are done for a project visualization at work. Overall i had one week to get it done. Was kinda hectic, but i kinda like the outcome. I think it’s good enough to show it here.

Renders are all made in cycles. No compositing. No photoshopping. Of course it’s not supposed to be photorealistic. It’s more to represent the overall feeling of the new street situation and the new buildings.

Let me hear what you think. Even the project is already finished, what have been could done better?


As the aim to represent the street and the buildings, I think it was done properly. For this purpose, I would just have tried to look more “conceptual”, but your aim was definetly achieved with this images.

And you might know: the image will be much better working on the textures, using bump and displacement maps, take care to not repeat the textures, using more glossy materials and a different lighting angle. But of course this would take more than one week!

A great work for the time and purpose you had!

nice,successful renders.trees people street furnitures are all nicely were the trees modelled?

Awesome stuff. I love the fact that you added people on top. Nice touch.
Good luck!