Arch-Vis, Scottish Cottage living Room

Look for Critique, all comments welcome a modern take on a traditional Scottish cottage living room area.

Textures From

The ambient looks really good, however I think it’s too dark.
I would also change the wood textures to something more simple, It’s calling to much attention to the scene

Very good work!

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The mantelpiece is pretty high up the wall. Your candles are almost touching the ceiling. And would it be made of wooden material, probably not.

As Ghaell pointed out, ambient light looks really good!

Thanks for the feedback so far,

I will look to adjust the curves to lighten the image and tone down the wood effects cheers

Mantelshelves in Scottish cottages tend to be high although yes this one probably is a little to high. I have a wooden mantelshelve in my home which i added as do many reference images I found online, it’s a returning trend

Thank your all the feedback so far