Arch Viz -235097

Its my first ArchViz render.
The building is not modelled manually its made by playing with modifiers, mirrors, curves and such.
Next step is to see if i can optimize the mesh a bit, since its about 8 million vertices with a 3 segment bevel modifier. I shall try to spawn some grass, get a better background plane, and give it a longer render, also change the composition of the trees and such. Maybe blendkit will have some assets that i could drop in.



I quite like your structure! Seems like it could belong to a spaceship or something like that also. Looking forward to seeing more.

Cheers and stay safe!

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optimized the mesh, better background, more render samples. The grass particle system is patchy, and i think if i push it much further it goes over the maximum particles… maybe i have the scale of it wrong.

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Next step i will add some assets such as park benches, plaques, and people. And maybe put a path through the middle.

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