Arch viz exterior

Hi guys

I’m starting out as an archviz artist and this is my first paid project. Purpose is to use the images online and in print to sell the cohousing apartments while they’re building them. This is the front, currently still working on the back and garden.

I tried to set a sunny summer morning mood and an evening one. I’m looking for general criticism on lighting, composition, content, materials, or what you can think of.

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Nice model and materials, I also really like the lighting on the first image (daytime)!

Things that I would change:

  1. Picture composition:
    There is a lot of not interesting space on the sides, but it gets tight at the bottom of the image. If there’s nothing interesting to show on the sides, I’d think about a parallel front shot. Is there any specific reason why the shot is taken from this height, not from a human level? :slight_smile:

  2. Lighting on the evening picture:
    I would increase the contrast between the warmly lit interiors and the blue exterior lighting. Turning on the lamps in all windows should also help.
    The light outside on the right - I don’t know where it comes from and what it illuminates, but it is drawing attention away from the presented building.

  3. In the daytime picture, I would strengthen the reflections in the glass to make dark interiors less visible.

These are little things that I would think about, but overall I really like your renderings :slight_smile:

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