Arch Viz Winter Night Inside

So the other day we had a pretty intense snowstorm and I really enjoyed it. we got around 40cm of snow which is pretty crazy since it really hasn’t snowed a whole lot for a good 6 or 7 years. Not that it doesn’t get to -19c every winter, just no precipitation. Point is, I wanted to do a quick arch-viz rendering and I haven’t honestly played around with Marvelous Designer in a long time even though I am paying the monthly fee, so I thought I would whip this up. Took around 4 or 5 hours from start to finish. Even with portals and bidirectional path, I just couldn’t get the noise down and denoising was having horrible blurring effects so I ended up doing a mix of the 2 since I really didn’t want to spend a week troubleshooting (bit of an exaggeration but hopefully the point is taken). The end result isn’t quite as clear as I might like for the resolution but it will do for now and I will probably revisit the project at a grander scale at some point and build out on the scene for maybe some full interior shots.

I have been enjoying arch-viz work a bit more lately so I will probably do a few more studies and personal projects soon that I will share here. Normally I do a hybrid between Maya and Blender but since I had so many models for this project ready to go in my library, there really wasn’t much worth doing in maya so this is all blender except for the fabric sims which were done in Marvelous and post pro in photoshop.