Archdec is an Addon with 70 Furniture and Interior models



Beds 3
Bedside Tables 3
Books 3
Bookcases 4
Carpets 3
Chairs 5
Curtains 2
Cutleries 3
Desks 2
Devices 3
Doors 2
Glasses 5
Handles 4
Lamps 5
Paints 3
Pillows 7
Sofas 3
Tables 3
Vanities 3
Windows 4


Joel and me worked on it for about 4 months, and finally we present it to you: Architecture Designers and Engineers.
This is a pack of 60 Architecture Interior models and furnitures scaled using real world values and using PBR Materials

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Looks good!

Renders by Andrey Salamandic

I gotta ask, did you use that dog 3d scan cuz of my recent scene? Just wondering, cuz it’s the same one lol…

Andrey has found it in a SketchUp community. Where have you found it?

Ah, okay… Neat. I found it in a 123d community :stuck_out_tongue:

ArchDec 1.1 released!


  • 5 Glasses
  • 3 Devices
  • Previews with white background
  • Initial Subdivision set to 0
  • Large Add button
  • Fixed some materials names

ArchDec 1.2

40% smaller Addon file size
Principled conversion
​New Curtains
Updated Carpets
More dynamic asset manager
​New icons
​Bug fixes