arched doorway in curved wall

HI I am having trouble trying to place an arched doorway in a curved wall, I can create an arched doorway using spin. I made the curved wall the same way but am having trouble trying to work out the best way to put an arched doorway in. perhaps my creation method isnt the best

could someone please advise me how best to go about creating such a thing?


here’s a mockup of what I want to achieve…

I think that you could use the same thinking that is used in thread

thank you for the quick replay, didn’t know whether booleans were the correct way to go (thought that they could get a little messy).

I’ll run through that process in the post you’ve linked and see if what worked for him works for me.

If there’s any better ways of doing it I’d love to hear it


I would not use boolean as they tend to screw up your mesh. At least in blender.
I did the same using retopo. You basically create the outline of your door using a separate plane mesh placing it where you want it to be on your cylinder.
Next you go into edit mode with the new door plane and align your view with the door plane so that you look straight on to the door plane and the cylinder is in the back of it.
Now turn on retopo and select retopo all.
If everything worked allright your doorplane should be projected onto your cylinder. Now join the doormesh with your cylinder mesh and connect them in edit mode.
It’s a lot of work but it gives the best results in my experience.

My suggestion would only work if you started from scratch
The idea is like creating a flat that you then turn to a cylinder.
I created a plane the length of the circumferance of what I wanted my tower to be

put many vertical loop cuts (to form the cylinder)
Some horizontal loop cuts it so I could make an nice archway (and a few windows).

In top view I added a circle curve and put a curve modifier on my ‘flat’ tower.

I then scaled up the curve until the edges joined each other, removed doubles and presto
I’ll post a pic if you want?


Separate a segment of your round wall around the door. First add edgeloops near the door. Select the faces from the door area, make a duplicated copy of them, and work with the segment separately. Best way you drag it some blender units a side of your wall konstruction using ctrl-dragging. So you can move it exactly to same place back when you have the door ready. And finally delete the original faces from round wall mesh if succesfull.

Think like cutting a cake, moving the piece, and putting it back when… eaten… or something.

You can use proportional editing with a sphere falloff.