Archeology/Prehistory project (Short video)

Hi there:
I´m an underwater archaeological researcher in Mexico. For years I have been working in the exploration of submerged caves in the peninsula de Yucatan in which some of the archeological discoveries, research and results have contributed to know about our ancestors from prehistoric times and megafauna that used to live in the area at the end of the Ice Ege in the Pleistocene period like mastodonts, glyptodonts, camels, sloths, saber tigers and so long. We have recovered some of the very first human fossils that lived in America like a woman who is, with 13500 years old, the oldest human fossil bones discovered and recovered in America up to date. Beyond that, there are also prehispanic and colonial remains found in the cenotes.

So far, we have recreation models of these prehistoric people and we are working in the recreation of others. We also have 3d models of the caves (once dry) where this first settlers in America (Amerindians) used to live and refuge from the climate condition and big predator of that era.

I’m wondering if there will be any expert in Blender modeling and animation interested in joining this project and to work together in reproducing and animate these humans and the conditions of how they used to live in the caves, also the animals that they used to hunt and cohabitated with them.

I will provide with all the scientific and accurate information required and the 3d models that we have already reproduced, so this can be used to build a short animated and friendly video (1 and a half min at most). So this can help for diffusion and promotion uses and eventually grow and built a video game.

It is important to say that we are not a business institute who make a profit of this, but we can partner with other organizations so we can share our research and make it accessible to everyone, and on the process, we can find the way to recover the investment and produces some incomes that can help to continue with our research.

I hope that you may find this interested and will like to get involved in this project. We have no idea about Blender processes and technics involved to get this goal, we just have the real history, scenarios and the real human and animal fossils recovered from underwater caves, so any help and interest in the production processes will be very appreciated and very well recognized.

Please let me know all your inquiries, I will be happy trying to answer all your possible questions. Looking forward to hearing from you hoping that you might find this as a big opportunity for all of us.

Hope to hear from you.
[email protected]