Archer Character (Help needed)

I like this character, but I feel like this scene isn’t very interesting. I need a suggestion on what you guys think this scene needs. Any thoughts?

Tried a HDR image? Also…whats with the nose?

Oh that’s an artifact of the multi-resolution mod. At a lower depth it seems to make these weird ripples on the model. This is at full resolution.

I’ve tried a few HDR images but I cant seem to find one that doesn’t look really greenscreeny. It makes me think I need an extra prop or just a color gradient for a background.

Your best bet will be a combination of HDRI and background props. Are these the colors you intend to use for your scene? If so, I recommend a high contrast, low saturation background: perhaps snow-covered basaltic rock, with a cold, overcast sky? Also, I think you ought to pull the camera back to frame the character’s head, shoulders, and upper torso in negative space. You also might want to try a rectangular frame–taller than it is wide–which tends to be more appropriate for portraits. Those are my thoughts, looking forward to seeing the finished scene!

This is just what I needed, thank you for the insightful reply!