archer + orc + soldier *UPDATED*

hey all an archer for an animation im making

im having loads of trouble with rigging so if anyone has any tuts that they can give me that would be nice


here is an orc i made for the animation

and here is a soldier


Probably the best way to learn how to rig a character is look at one, this thread( ) has a good example.

thanks for the link i aint got time to read it atm, but my problem with rigging is i rigged my characters with all the bones but when in pose mode and i turn the bones the object doesnt follow the bone it either moves along a diffrent axis or when i rotate it strinks the hand. help me please!!! Fudge

The shrinking is something that no one knows how to fix (not that I know of anyway). Your best bet is to start rigging from scratch again and try not to do anything weird with it while you rig.

hmmm define ‘weird’ lol oh quick question: say on the knee joint should you attach the upper leg and lower leg to the same row of verts or make two seperate rows of verts for each bone? thanks


any comments on the archer?

He needs more hair on the top of his head, it looks like he doen’t have a scalp. His eyes look stretched, have you used perfect spheres for his eyes?

His belt looks like a loose piece of rope and his pelvis looks rather wide and his chest rather thin.

Otherwise there isn’t much wrong.

pretty sweet model you got their
also agree about the hair, just a little more on the forehead
but aside from that you have a well done and complete model


added orc C&c

no C&c? :frowning:

I like em. The orc looks a little skinny… I would imagine an orc to be quite muscular and stalky. The archer looks real good though!

Keep it up. looking forward to seeing more.

added soldier C&c please (these are not suppose to be 100% realistic there suppose to be a bit cartoony)

LOL, you modelled the archer after yourself, didn’t you?
I like the orc.

The archer looks female because the legs are so far apart with nothing in between them. You might want to consider making the crotch smaller on all three. As for rigging, very soon you’ll be able to watch Bassam’s rigging class from Blender Conference 2004 on Keep a look out for it, he’s a very good teacher and a talented animator who is responsible for this.

lol no i didnt model archer after me, what gives you that idea?

thanks ill look out for that rigging video thanks