Archer (UPDATE)

Hi, i have been an artist all my life, speciallizing in character design. Thanks to blender, i can get to make my characters step out of the paper world. this is one of my creations, and i would highly appreciate if it you tell me what you think about it. your critique and suggestions will be seriously appreciated as well.


Awesome! I was never able to model organically like that!

The model is good, but materials need work. Work with the metal parts, change the “stand” material, add Add details into small things like the buckle of her belt and her jewelry, as well as wrinkles to her clothes and strands to her hair. Have you unwrapped the model, or any parts of it, yet?

The model and the character are pretty good, but good textures would add a lot.

I actually thought the chrome base was kind of cool…

You should think about doing the sculpting->normal map thing to get details into the hair and accessories. It looks like you have the skills to pull it off pretty well.

And the materials, this would look good as either a realistic or ‘figurine’ model so you have some choices there. Could probably even go the toon shader route to get it to look like your drawing which would give it that little something special to stand apart from the vulgar horde…plus you wouldn’t have to uv unwrap.

The model looks really good but you should think about feeding her once in a while.

Is the body rigged or did you model her like that?


Oh, and her thumb is a little out of whack.

Image texturing it’s easier than procedural for photorealism, because you can actually create textures from real life. Google leather and you can make it seamless on the Gimp and use it as a texture.
You should make reflection for the metal parts, use a feather texture for the arrow feather things (I forgot how they’re called), texture the shaft with wood, and texture the hair, skin, everything…
If you don’t have a image editing program (like photoshop), download the Gimp.

you guys really are a source of encouragement.
for the archer, i have already unwrapped her skin.
the model has has an armature

This was the general idea for the Archer model. I tried unwrapping the hair but ran into serious when trying to use a hair texture map. Any Ideas?:frowning:


I can’t really help you with unwrapping, but the model is great for an untextured! awesome organic model.

Thanks for the nice words.
However, is there anything you feel i should work on?

Very cool, but what’s an archer doing in close combat? The bad guy should have a few arrows sticking out of him. :evilgrin:

For the hair, use seams to cut the hair into strips running the same direction as the hair. Put the unwrapped strips lengthwise on a hair texture. Adjust the width of the UV strips to get the appropriate fineness to the textured hair strands.

Apart from the fact that she isn’t exactly wearing anything particularly practical or useful and is a typical stereotyped female model. Also, the lighting is terrible so I can’t actually see many details.

You might want to work on the textures, or lack of them. Get some decent skin shaders, sss layers, and bump map/ normal map layers, spec layers etc.
Bump map the clothing and add a good cloth texture, make the sword a bit less generic and take off all that plastic shiney paint and add some chips and scratches to it.

Basically rework the textures like crazy.

Hi everyone. Thanks for all the critiques.

Now where do I begin……. Oh yeah Orinoco, you really made a lot of sense about the archer in close combat and the other things you said. Thanks for the observation, and the advice regarding the hair unwrap

       Krayon  You really know how to keep a guy’s heart pounding. As intense as your critique sounded to the faint at heart, I strongly agree with what you said, and I have began reworking on the textures ever since.

As you can see, ‘texturing’ is not one of my strengths; however, this is what I have been able to come up with.

Oh and…………… HOLD YOUR HORSES ALL OF YOU!!! as difficult as it may be, please ignore the hair. That is more of the boss fight I am saving for last, so be nice and neglect the itch.

I considered rendering her without the hair, but I didn’t have the heart to do such an inhumane thing

(Disregard the pun)

Anyway, what do you think?:eek:


HI again, i just did these for fun. nothing out of the ordinary of course.
any comment? :eek:


I like the composition in ARCHER7.

She’s really tall, isn’t she? :smiley:

yeah she is. kind of like 5’'10.
actually that is my definition of “tall” on a female