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I think the english word for “Bogen” is Arch… isn t it? :wink: Hm, In every way i made such a thing. I did not model anything great, but i made the bones for it. You can Control the Arch with 2 Emptys and the Arrow with one empty.

There are still many errors, but i like the technique. Does anyone have a better one?

(bmax) #2

hehe, cool idea, would have never come up with anything better myself! :smiley:

(bmax) #3

oh, by the way, in english youd call a Bogen a Bow. arch is correct i think, but i wouldnt use it…

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hrhr, thanks :wink:

(S68) #5

Nice idea!

I think you used too many bones, and this might be the cause because your bow string isn’t straight as it should.

I wiil get you .blend asap, and have a look!


(cohort) #6

The bowstring should be absolutely straight from the tips of the bow to where the arrow is nocked (the piece on an arrow that fits around the string is called a “nock”).

(Turrin) #7

Good work with this bow. Yes, in English “bow” would be proper. Archery is what you do with a “bogen,” and an Archer does archery.

Does my German serve me correctly in that is is der Bogen? Or is it das Bogen? I can’t remember exactaly.

I like the bow anyhow.


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Das ist ein Bogen!

der Bogen ist schön :wink: