Archi-viz Portfolio Animation

Hey guys!

I am currently working on a small animation project with a great musician (Zac Pugh) to mutually benefit both our portfolios. We are currently very early on in the project so this animation was a small concept test on both the audio and visual fronts.

Please do tell me what you think the pro’s and cons of the animation are. Obviously this is not what the final quality of the animation (e.g No raytracing, small res, noisy) or audio will be, but any input of ideas and comments on the concept and scene would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Rendered in Octane, modeled in Blender.

The shaky camera is not good. If you’re going for a handheld look you can still have it shake, but not near as much. The renders look pretty good though.

Also, for being 3D, why not show a little more camera movement (pans/dolly sim?) Other than a couple DOF changes the renders might as well be still images.

Thanks H3X! Yeah the camera shake was a bit overdone and I have toned it down a bit now:) There are alot more scenes coming shortly and I intend to have pans and dolly. Thanks for the comments! :slight_smile:

Aye! Keep the quality high and you could have yourself The Third & The Seventh: Home Edition!

It was definitely an inspiration of mine! Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

haha wow this is truly great work. since you said you have decreased the camera shake the only pointer i have is to make the dof transition on the counter go slower, right now its like this, “oh hey i can see the front and not the back and wha what the heck was that now i can see the back and not the front”. just slow that down some and it will be even better.

Thanks for the comments and the advice watMan! I will make the DOF last longer in the bench shot!

Again thanks for the comments!:slight_smile: