Archicad to Blender best export options

Hi what is the best export options for importing to Blender 2.82? I’m have a hard time exporting project files from Archicad to blender. Best solution I found right now is to export as 3ds file and take that into blender 2.79 and then open in blender 2.82. But this leaves much to be desiered and relinking files is almost impossible with doing a ton of extra work.

You may try to export as .ifc and import into blender using blenderBIM

like mentioned ifc can work. What I prefer is fbx or obj. Also this programm is free and can handle almost any cad and 3d software formats.

Thanks I’ll try it out!

Thanks that program looks interesting :slight_smile:
Yeah Tried fbx but had a bunch of problems like the model/shading looking all wrong but it’s nice having the texture information from the fbx even if it’s just the basic color map.