Archimesh Confusion

Hi Guys,

My first post, so bear with me! I’m struggling to use the cabinets and the roofs in Archimesh Blender add-on. I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong, as no one else has mentioned it so far on Google searches:

Basically when you create a new cabinet or roof, you have a create menu appear on the left. As opposed to rooms and windows, which appear in the menu on the right (the ‘n’ shortcut). What I’m finding is I can’t put the cabinets or roofs in the correct position/rotation before finishing creating them. I can use the target marker to get the right position, but not the initial creation.

So I can’t do this for example:

Create a cabinet. Rotate the cabinet 90 degrees clockwise to be level with the wall it will run against, then start adding the cabinets as needed. As soon as I rotate the cabinet, I lose the create menu, never to be found again. Is there a way around this? I find the same issue with the roof.

Thanks! That is a blenderguru tutorial using that add-on inblender. however it don’t cover the roof but it does explain cabinets and such.

As far as I know this is a real limiation - based on how this operation works internally. What means it can not be bypassed - you will have to finish your cabinet before manipulating it further

BUT: Rotation can be set in the create options and location can be controlled by setting the 3D cursor to the right spot. This is my way around this issue :wink:

Exactly what LukeV1 said, it is no different than bringing a primative into a scene and before you do any scaling or modifications to it you have the options to change things that you can’t change after. Once you rotate the object or scale it that option goes bye bye. Best bet would be bring in the cabinet you are wanting and then adjust it with the tool shelf, once happy with it then you can go on with rotating and everything else you need. I never did understand why you can’t get that menu back in archimesh or just blender in general.