Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018

I know… it must be a dumb question, but…
How can I split floor generated from walls into room floors? When I see videos it’s possible, but I cannot find a simple way to do it. I just need different floor/slab materials in different rooms.

In 1.40_dev:
Ensure all your walls are childs of Reference point.
In 1.38:
Ensure inner walls are T childs of outside one.
Then select outside wall and use “Floor from wall” tool.



Here is an addon (Auto Blueprint) that I’m doing tests with Archipack, but it is unstable.

Tutorial in FRENCH:

It´s still just a freestyle render, right? It´s tricky to use on bigger house projects, a lot of lines to delete and to draw manually (e.g. in inkscape)…

Could you post some of the test results?


DXFWriter is a Blender addon by TL using Freestyle which allows to render your scene as a single or series of DXF files.

The latest version that works with Blender 2.79:

Here are some PDF tutorials that are current:

Forum Thread:

Addon Auto Blueprint can work with Archipack (but provided that all mesh is joined) it is unstable and crash Blender. For the moment, I left the tests.

I do the test without addon Auto Blueprint.
Some test results, for the moment I have not yet found the right setting for the roof.
(all you have to do is make linesets that are grouped and then put each object in the group to associate it with a style.)

DXFWriter addon


Cycas CAD pro

For printing to scale, I used version 0.8 of the addon: render2print


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Is it possible to lock dimensions when you manipulate archipack objects? When I change a measurement the angles change and when I correct the angles other measurements change and when I correct them another angle or two change, resulting in the building cantering more and more off from perpendicular.

I wish there was a master angle that is set to global coordinates (or maybe local) that everything originates from and that measurements are set in stone. I’d rather have an error message if there are conflicting measurements.

Archipack 1.4 focus on better manipulators, so changes on angle / size only affect direct neighboors.


Does 1.4 work with 2.79b? Whenever I try to drag out a wall, the archipack UI shows up but when I click and drag the mouse nothing happens. Sometimes a bunch of lines come up and every time I click and drag a line disappears until nothing more happens…

Yes, 1.4_dev does work with 2.79b, but still has some issues.
Could you share failing file through pm ?

Archipack Section approach looks like the best solution for blueprint export right now, at least for me. It is reliable, quick, it works with non-archipack objects too, I can modify it (draw/delete lines = edges) and export it to dxf simply. On the other hand the Archipack layout works only with archipack objects or curve objects, it´s for sure great tool, but from time to time it miss some window in svg export and I don´t have much control over it (cannot modify “lines” before export).

Why I am saying it - in a house modelling workflow I use both Archipack objects and plain (nonarchipack) blender objects. Would be nice to have something like Section tool (or camera section) for groundplan projection too (as an addition tool to Layout). Just a tool to cut selected objects horizontally. Or is it better to do some script with blender bisect tool instead, what do you mean?

cheer, Archipack is awesome!

Archipack Layout does generate lines from archipack’s objects under the hood at export time, symbols for stairs/windows/doors and performing line/line booleans, taking care of each wall’s related openings, in order to “cut” wall boundary where expected.
Once export done it does remove those lines.

I know it may fails to detect some openings on child walls, but this issue is still open at this time.

Maybe should i allow to keep generated lines for further editing, but still thinking about this workflow.

You may rotate the section tool along x or y axis in order to generate horizontal slices.
Section tool and camera section are bisect based (sharing same code base).
Maybe allow to only use selected objects could help for your workflow, so you are still are able to choose the right altitude for your “slices”.

Thanks for reply.

Just to mention why rotated Section cannot be used as a Layout now - it cut only objects that are laying on the Section object:

- that make sense for vertical sections but not for horizontal groundplans. The added control like use selected objects or use objects from a group could solve it. Or maybe replace the “arrow” section object by a rectangle (similar to the Layout tool) just for the horizontal slices purpose.

I’ve been using other architectural packages for modeling and would love to use Archipack. It has many easy to use features.

But have a problem with how it displays units, especially for US. When I record dimensions of a room, I either will record in total inches, or feet and inches. Never in feet and decimal feet. Decimals work perfectly for metric and Blender units of course, but the US is still using Imperial and decimal feet are a hassle to compute for every dimension.

Blender allows for checking the Separate Units to separate feet and inches but it works only for display in each Wall Part, but not in the 3D view which remains in decimal.

Units are also not consistently displayed. Sometimes rounded off, sometimes not.

I also want to second the person who asked for some US default windows. We also could use default US standard doors, walls, etc.

Hi, Thank you for reporting.

Rounding values in ui rely on a recent (2.79) change of blender behaviour to handle precision issues, maybe worth report your issue right to devs.
Will try to set “step” on properties to see if we are able to fix this issue.
Current implementation of “on screen displayed units” dosen’t handle “separate units” at all, may take a look at it for 2.8 .

Users are able to build own preset library and then get default values for any archipack object. I allready asked for contribution in this area as i’m not aware of us default sizes. Feel free to share your presets using “File->export->archipack presets (APK)” so i may include into the package.

Be aware that preset file format is depricated and will change in 2.8 version for safety reason, current python format may allow malicious code inside so next one will be json based.

Thanks Stephen,

I have never reported to devs before, not sure how I’d do it.

Another Archipack units issue; The checkbox Dimensions (seen in the image above) only displays in meters and on my display the font is very small. Any chance this excellent feature can be updated to use user preferences for units?

Other notes:
Units in Blender as seen in Archipack are confusing me to no end. I created my own presets for US standards to use Imperial. I set Feet and Imperial in Scene Units panel. (Blender has a default in the Units setting for Scale of 0.3048 but this seems wrong. the internet says conversion from inches to metric is 0.3937)

But when I create items using these settings, Blender doesn’t handle the conversion correctly by an order of magnitude. For example my US standard door will show correct in units for Feet and Imperial… but when I add one of the Archipack preset doors in metric (80x200), it appears very small. This is probably due to my user error and not understanding Blender units.

Currently there is no clean way to handle units in default addons values at create time - so we are stuck to different presets for each unit system.

See also this post about units

Archipack 1.4 multi-dimension allow to override scene units on per dimension basis, and also allow to scale text and symbol. (feel free to download the 140_dev branch on github)

On screen manipulators text size is currently hardcoded, should probably allow resize in addon preferences.

Can archipack do gable roofs along with gable dormers or gable roofs off a gable roof? Thanks

Hi bkjernisted,
Archipack roofs allready are able to handle gable roofs with dormers,
take a look at this video

Looks great. Thank you Stephen