Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(stephen_leger) #441


Take a look at your wall property (bottom of right panel),
to “properly close”, should have 3 parts and “close” checked.

Slabs are able to overcome this, but 2d analyser for walls to floor and walls to molden can’t as there may be some open walls inside.

(Handel) #442

Works nicely now, thanks.

Edit: Just for info - if I try to export such room will the “close” command work on the exported room too?

(Mazui) #443

How do you open windows and doors?

When I try to rotate them, the entire frame rotates.

(stephen_leger) #444

Windows, doors and kitchen cabs are made of multiple objects (where main one is parent of others).
Select child “panel / drawer” and rotate according your needs.

(Mazui) #445

I thought I’d tried that already, but apparently I clicked on the frame all the time. :no:


(Handel) #446

I use the outliner to select the doors.

(Handel) #447

Now here is the starting file: draft_room.blend (539 KB)

  1. I clicked on “Close” at low right
  2. Added a floor from wall
  3. Undid it with Ctrl Z
  4. When adding a new floor (ie 1st one at the top left) the blender crashes to desktop

Also I think I found there a bug; will post the screens in the next post to not over-clutter the post.

(Handel) #448

The bug as it appears to me:
The starting file is the blend file from the previous post
Clicked “Close”. A fifth part of the wall appeared with length 4.5 meters! Made it Curved then Straight again - and it is now only 0.01 mm
But when I try to add a Floor from Wall those artifacts appear (and it seems I added a “slab” too but I added only a floor)

And “slab” like floor do not appear with each type of floor too, although the artifacts appear with every type of floor.

(stephen_leger) #449

Hi Handel,

Thank you for this report, was able to fix this nasty crash bug.

Remove the last segment of your wall (set parts to 3) before closing - close generate closing segment for you,
not doing so leads to a fairly small closing segment and is the root cause of your issues.

(Handel) #450

It seems to the floor textures are not the best. Every floor is made with a lot of efforts from several textures to create a certain pattern, but as a whole the floors seem more suitable for small storage rooms or a cheap hospital then for living rooms. I am composing right now just a simple campus room and even for this room the floors look dull.

(stephen_leger) #451

By default floor allow up to 10 random material index,
maybe either random uv orientation or more material indexes could help ?

(Handel) #452

Judging from the homes where I lived the people choose more lively colors for the floors in their homes. This is the first; and the second - the 1st floor (just like an example) which is supposed to be made from boards - pure visual the floor “boards” themselves look too short. Although the reason for this may be I made my room 18x14 BU with an intention to be 4.5x3.5 meters; maybe if I made it only 4.5x3.5 BU then the floor planks would look ok. So there should be some way to scale the textures - or maybe not to put textures at all until the very end? Just to put a generic floor and when the artists desire to get a choice from textures, colors and sizes? Also some glossiness definitely will help too.

(stephen_leger) #453

Every aspect of boards / tiles are parametric, length, width, thickness, spacing, bevelling and so on,
some patterns also allow random scale for parts eg Boards allow random length / width / offset.
See “Flooring” in the right panel of 3d view.

Archipack’s default material library provide only “default” materials sets and currently are not to be considered as render ready.
Any talented artist is welcome to contribute by providing render ready material library !
I’m also in touch with to make such library available to anyone.

In the meantime, you are able to modify materials (change their name!) and save them as archipack material sets, then store the materials into library using material library vx addon and save floor final aspect using a preset, so it will be available as preset for other projects.

(Handel) #454

I see now, this is good. And yes - a texture library will be great. Because it is very easy to put a generic slab as a floor and at the end of the design just to slap a suitable texture upon it.

(Handel) #455

Sorry but no - exactly the same bug is still alive. Look it it is not just a common bug but real cockroach:-)

Here is the starting file: hmmm… upload failed, no idea why. Created a Dropbox account - here is the link to the file ; not sure if I shared it correctly although. The cockroach is the same - created a roof from walls, Ctrl Z to delete it and then tried to create a new roof; Blender CTD no matter if I try to use the left or the right option to make a roof.

(stephen_leger) #456

Hi Handel,

Try download archipack master from here, should definitely fix ctrl+z issues.

(Handel) #457

Works now as intended. Thanks!

(stephen_leger) #458


Just pushed preview of Archipack 1.4

New features include:
Better manipulators allowing changes in both directions with user friendly behaviour.
Real-time auto-update of floors, modlings, slabs, fences, so they follow wall changes automagically.
Strongest real-time auto-fit roofs.
Main ui cleanup.

Some polishing and extensive testing still needed, but pretty exciting !

Special thanks to Okavango and Tynkatopi for the great work done at testing and review most archipack’s aspects.

(bluecd) #459

Its awsome to watch this tool becomes serious help in architect’s every day work…, thanks A LOT.
Dream of seamless integration with FreeCAD now :wink:

(Mazui) #460

I would like a spoken video tutorial about Archipack. There are a few on Youtube, but they are all in languages I don’t understand.

I’m specifically having trouble using roof cutters. It’s fairly easy to make a hole in one roof, but fitting another roof into the hole is trickier.

So if anyone out there feels inclined, it would be most appreciated! :slight_smile: