Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(stephen_leger) #461

Hi Mazui,

Unfortunately even if i try to talk in english you won’t understand anything :slight_smile:

Archipack roof is able to fit a roof into another one for you.
Take a look at

Create your main roof, then create another one (the smallest cutting one)

In the smallest “child” roof, select the main one in the “Parent” field, you’ll then be able to select the part # of main roof you want this one to be (if you have a multi part main roof) and Dist x and y to locate your child roof on the parent.

Hole parameters allow to modify hole shape done on parent.
You also are able to set the angle of the child wall using first part start angle parameter, where -90 will change the side of the child left instead of right of parent axis.

(Mazui) #462

Hm… ok! I think I understand what you mean.

I’ll try it out in the weekend.

Thanks again!

(Okavango) #463

If i am not mistaking, those are controllable window positions! Hi five Stephen, nice addition.

I may have some suggestions on room geometry control also, i will send via pm later.

(stephen_leger) #464

Hi everybody,
Pushed 1.4.0_dev branch on github, including most awaited improvements:

  • Better (user friendly) manipulators
  • Auto synchro of objects when manipulating wall
  • Better auto-fit roof
  • User defined profiles support for moldings and fence rails
  • Universal throttle handler to update complex objects while preserving real-time interaction.
  • Simplify UI, better category and remove depricated tools.

Code cleanup (objects sharing same codebase)
Partial implementation of an abstraction layer required to support 2.8
series object to scene management changes (select, link, show/hide…).

NOTE: Limited curved segment support at this time, seriousely thinking about drop this feature at all.

(AnandhaRaja) #465

@stephen_leger , just now installed 1.4.0 but its not showing in the addon list.

(stephen_leger) #466

There is something wrong with the .zip name, try to rename to

(AnandhaRaja) #467

Thankyou now working.

(Mazui) #468

I couldn’t install it either. Tried renaming the zip file, but that made no difference. So I unpacked it and saw that there was another directory in it named archipack-1.4.0_dev. when I renamed and zipped that directory I got this far:

(stephen_leger) #469

Hi Mazui,
Thank you for reporting, typo fixed, should work as intended now.

(Mazui) #470

I’ve downloaded again. Now I can install from the downloaded zip file, but I still get the same error message when I try to enable the add-on.

(stephen_leger) #471

Install from can’t work as it, “.” are not allowed in modules path names.

Renamed to 140_dev branch so it is possible to setup right from .zip as intended.
Don’t forget to remove old one.

(Mazui) #472

The latest download worked!

And I managed to parent one roof to another. But I’m getting rather strange results when I try to fit the walls to the combined roof.

Here’s a save from before I tried to fit the walls to the roof:
Here’s a save from after fitting:

In this file I started all over and tried fitting the wall to the main roof before adding a secondary roof and fitting again:

(stephen_leger) #473

To handle such case, (T like roof)

From your file, i delete “child” roof and roof cutter and then modify main roof.

Create a single roof, with 3 segments.

Resize 1st and 2nd segments so the first end at intersection of the T.

  • segment 1: 10.5m
  • segment 2: 5m

Then in the 3rd segment, set

  • Link to :1 so segments 2 and 3 start at end of segment 1
  • angle: -90
  • length: 8m

Ensure Roof is child of Reference point (otherwise wall can’t fit)
Check “auto fit roof” of Wall.001

Closing wall does create a segment between parts, so explicit last segment is not needed.
Eg: In wall.001 you may set Parts to 5 without altering shape.

(Ector3) #474

Hi, please… where do I get that link for 1.4.0 dev file. I just can’t find it on github.

(Mazui) #475

Thank you Stephen! I’ll try that tonight.


Go to and click on “3 branches”, then on “140_dev”, and finally on “Clone or download”.

(Ector3) #476

Mazui, Thank you. I got it and working great.

(Mazui) #477

Thanks again for your explanation, it worked just like you said!

One thing that looks a bit odd though is that the ridges of the roof are offset one half spacing from each other:

Not a big thing, but if it’s possible it would look neater if they lined up. :slight_smile:

(stephen_leger) #478

Setting “offset” to 25% on covering distribution at least fix it for the small part.

(Mazui) #479

Yes, that’s better.

In a future version, maybe we could offset the cover for each roof part individually? :wink:

(stephen_leger) #480

In future version cover will use a reference point so they all automatically align.