Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(Mazui) #481


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(Ector3) #482

Hi, I know this may not be the correct place to ask. I am using archipack and it is awesome!.. But also I would like to render with renderman and the geometry is not right when using walls with doors and windows the geometry looks a mess after rendering even after applying all modifiers.
I was wondering if anyone uses renderman with archipack that can suggest a solution

(Mazui) #483

It sounds like Renderman doesn’t handle ngons very well. If so, an inconvenient solution could be to apply the modifiers on the wall after you have finished modeling your building, and use the knife tool to make quads of the ngons.

(burnin) #484

Please post in PRMan forums explaining in detail, with images and possibly share a scene in question.
Had no issues whatsoever. But you have to know and be aware of what Renderman (or other 3rd party render engine) expects, especially in case of geo…

(Ector3) #485

Thanks a lot Mazui and burnin for your suggestions I think I am beginning to understand how to go about this.

(stephen_leger) #486


Will release 1.3.8 soon, currently polishing a dedicated “official” archipack website.
Stay tuned !

What about adding a “Triangulate” modifier on top of wall modifiers stack ?
Does this solve your issue ?

Roofs in 1.4.0 automatically align covering.

(stephen_leger) #487


Released archipack 1.3.8 “The fastest archviz workflow ever” today.
This is a major update improving stability.

More infos available on blender-archipack official website.

(Harvester) #488

Thank you.

(Ector3) #489

stephen_leger Thank you for your suggestion. It does help a lot to add the triangulate modifier, but not 100%. When I convert it to .3ds mesh and re-import it everything looks flawless. I also use Thea Render and it behaves the same way… flawless, but only if converted to .3ds and re-imported. I am using archipack 1.4 dev

(stephen_leger) #490


If i recall correctly from 3ds for dos in early 1996, .3ds format dosen’t store explicit normals, but smoothing groups (16) and also is limited to 65535 faces / entity so it is definitely far from ideal cross platform format as you will loose many informations “out of the box”.
Use Wavefront .obj instead as it is much stronger, or maybe collada / fbx.

(burnin) #491

Really nice work with the site and all!

(stephen_leger) #492

Hi dear archipack’s users,

wondering about curved segments support,
so made a poll to better understand if they are realy needed on daily basis.

Feel free to answer poll on patreon page

Thank you

(colkai) #493

Personally, though I may not use them everyday, curves segments are important, but not ciritcal, you can resort to manually creating them. If the code is very complex to maintain, you have to draw a line somewhere, but I would prefer they were part of the wall drawing capability.

(Ector3) #494

This addon has become a full archviz package. But I can always daydream… sometimes I need to hide a wall for a specific camera shot and would love the ability to do that

(stephen_leger) #495

Take a look at “camera section”.

(serviteur) #496

Thank you for the Release archipack 1.3.8 and sharing the blender-archipack official website.

How to use Animation support on Archipack Tools?

(Ector3) #497

stephen_leger Thanks. You really have thought of everything. I had not gotten around to playing with all the new features. It is just what I need.

Note to self… Dreams do come true

(stephen_leger) #498


By default animated custom objects properties simply dosen’t work “out of the box”.
Select any archipack object, press “Add” to add an animation handler for this object.
Then you are able to animate any parameter found in N panel.
“Remove” does remove the handler for selected object, “Clear” does remove all handlers.

Under the hood, archipack will regenerate the mesh on frame change, so you’ll loose any change done by hand on the mesh.

Some objects does generate “Sub objects” like panels for windows and doors, drawers for kitchen…
Any change in the count of “Sub objects” does regenerate sub objects so they are not animatable at all (eg animating rotation).

Sometimes the geometry of filling section might require hand edition.
This is a blender mesh.bisect limitation.

(Fox_M) #499

Hi, is any chance for implementation of little more decimal precision or scale factor or millimetr_units for dimension?
or any tips would be very helpful)

(Fox_M) #500

Hi, is any chance for implementation of little more decimal precision or scale factor or millimetr_units for dimension?
or any tips would be very helpful)