Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(Fox_M) #501

sorry, find and edit presicion, value and del units displayed - all work fine.
very good solution with ui of dimendions and export for print

(serviteur) #502

Thank you for the explanations. But I did not all understand having seen an example (video …).

(slawdos) #503

In installation manual says: “Download the default material library for Cycles. Save this file into a writeable folder.” How can I do this on win10? I stuсk…

(slawdos) #504

Im sorry, bad translate from english.

(stephen_leger) #505

Upcomming version 1.4 implements custom unit setup as per dimension, including unit and precision settings to override scene settings so it should work the way you want “out of the box”.

Animation is done like you will do for any regular blender parameter.
Keep in mind this feature is experimental and might not always work, and there is no garantee it will last in future versions.

create a folder (either on the desktop or in a disk drive), copy the library into this folder, and setup this folder into addon preference.

(bkjernisted) #506

How long before 1.4 is released. Thanks Stephen. I will donate when I can.

(stephen_leger) #507


Will probably take some time as next two weeks i leave for vacation. :palm_tree:

Auto-synch feature is now stable, and enhanced bi-directional manipulators too.

Working at wall multi-material support and surface finishings like ceranic tiles and boards.
Still must implements “throttle update” to get it running in real-time when editing on screen.
Also must fix a regression as archipack now handle layers (including Layer Management named layers) and objects update sometimes fails on hidden layers.

We currently are in archviz movie production phase so doing extended test in house.

In the meantime, 1.4 dev branch is available on github.

(bkjernisted) #508

Thank you Stephen for the update. Sounds extensive.

(stephen_leger) #509

Updated archipack 1.4_dev branch on github.

(marcatore) #510

Simply fantastic!!!

(bluecd) #511


A question: Iam trying to adjust the height of one wall to the other by dragging the dimension arrow with SnapToVertex ON. No matter which arrow I manipulate I obtain slight difference in height between the walls…What am I possibly doing wrong?

(stephen_leger) #512

Thank you for reporting,
look like wall height manipulator origin dosen’t take account of “floor_thickness” (origin of manipulator lie in 0 in z instead of real bottom of wall) so the difference likely to be the floor_thickness value.

(serviteur) #513

Hi Stephen,

Thanks you very much for the updated Archipack 1.4_dev !

In Archipack Material (N panel), I have only Default, no Inside and Multi .

User Preferences

(stephen_leger) #514

User defined presets always do override factory ones when present.
So you have to remove the “wall2.txt” file in the achipack_materials folder

(serviteur) #515


Thanks. Done!

(serviteur) #516

Hello Stephen,

Is it possible to add in the next Archipack 1.4 updates also other patterns (Wall)?

(Ector3) #517

Wow… this new update 1.4_dev is simply brilliant. Everything is made to work and look so easy.
Thank you stephen_leger

(stephen_leger) #518

Still some polishing required, current in house production allow deeper testing.

Will probably allow any finishing, handling user defined object as pattern.

(Tosky) #519

Great work, i’v got a question peraphs already answered before (then sorry in that case) :

Since for arch rendering there’s a growing use of game engines like UE4 (for VR exploration and instant-rendering) that addon clean his same meshes from ngons & various poly-sh*t which aren’t supported by game engines?

(stephen_leger) #520

Currently archipack does only generate quads (regular blender mesh).
If your exporter dosen’t provide triangulate option, you may use triangulate modifier before export.
As side note, 1.4 does focus on “Low poly” mesh for some objects (roofs / walls / floors) so you able to bake texture from high poly to low poly version of same object.