Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(Handel) #521

Hello again,
A question about the windows - I saw the glass panes as they are made now reflect the insides of the room; If there an option to just make them transparent to let the environment light through the window?

(stephen_leger) #522

If you dont care about glass, you may simply uncheck “glass” option.
Another way should exist through shader, making glass only visible to camera rays.

(Handel) #523

Aren’t the reflections in the glass window only visible if outside is dark?

PS. As it is night here right now I was able to make an experiment. So when outside is completely dark or near completely dark the window becomes almost a mirror; looking through the window to a single street lamp I see the outside clearly (as much as the light allows ofc) and very vague reflections - just a partial outline. And as far as I remember in a broad daylight no reflections are seen at all. I have at the scene a sky environmental texture but still the window behaves as it is dark outside. And the opposite - from the outside I can clearly see inside the room with just a little bit of a light.

(stephen_leger) #524

As reference for cylces materials setup, you may take a look at chocofur’s article.

(Handel) #525

Thanks. Good tutorials are always welcomed:-)

Edit: Found on YouTube a tutorial with this node setup. Works exactly as I wanted - when on the other side is lit (is it more correct to say “lighted”?) the glass is see-through, when is dark it becomes reflective. Tried with “Camera ray” setting and it appeared the glass is always see-through.

Beats me why the “Shadow ray” setting works so - can’t imagine what the reflections and transparency have in common with “shadows”.

(piergi) #526

This setup accounts for the fact that — without refractive caustics enabled — the glass shader will have no transparent shadows at all.

Refractive caustics with a pure path tracer are extremely expensive to calculate (or maybe they will never converge at all). The shader you posted use a transparent shader for the shadow rays. According to the colour of the transparent shader you will have a more or less pronounced shadow.

By windows or normal glass panes the caustics (or the refraction, for that matter) are barely noticeable. Actually for that purpose I use just a sharp glossy shader with a fresnel factor, mixed with a transparent shader.

(Ector3) #527

stephen_leger… The image below shows a window I made by using a rail window and disabling parameters, then rotating it and finally adding the dividers in the glass. I did this because the lower part of the window slides up and down and can only add the rows in swing window mode.
The door I simply added the glass material in edit mode.
Is there anyway to add these features? and I hope you enjoyed your well deserved vacation.

(stephen_leger) #528

Current limitation in number of rows for horizontal rail type windows does make sense as you can’t have 2 rows of such panels without structural separation.
I know the vertical sliding windows are in use in many country and still missing (as flipping like roof ones)
May add material index for panels front in doors, still have to manage where and properly close the frame when using such option, so there is no hole between glass and frame.

(Ector3) #529

Yeap, for now all is fine just a few extra clicks no big deal. Thank you for your attention to this.

(Hickz) #530

Hey, i’m wondering, why don’t you update your addon to 1.3.8 in the master build? It’s still 1.2.8 there

(stephen_leger) #531

BF update policy only allowed bugfix in 2.79 a and 2.79 b release.

Thumbnails size limitation in master lead in additional setup steps to get thumbs working as they must be rendered by every user at setup time - and so users might simply think it is not working.

As archipack is growing fast, and blender release cycle is slow i want to provide convenient way to update the addon through addon updater wich is not allowed by BF (potential information disclosure). Still waiting for official asset downloader.

So as it i think for now it’s better to let bugfixed BF policy compatible 1.2.8 in master, and provide extended version easyer to setup / update on github.

(bkjernisted) #532

stephen, when is the next update for archipack-140_dev? The latest I have is 5 11 2018. Thanks

(Fox_M) #533

Hi. in gui then put dim point with small object is very difficult aim snap point) imo be very usefull then snap square is dynamically change size. And be very handy manually input dim value as for wall size etc. sry for my english)

(stephen_leger) #534

@bkjernisted We are in a small movie production phase, testing and bugfixing, will wait a bit to push stable version when done.

@Fox_M in user prefs, you may set Manipulators size (Arrow size in blender units) and Handle size (sensitive area in pixels). In 1.4_dev there is also an experimental “Constant handle size”, when set handle sizes remains constant whatever the zoom is.

(bkjernisted) #535

Stephen, when I hit the update button on archipack-140_dev 5 08 2018 will the addon update to 5 11 2018? If you could make it so the version shows up as archipack-140b_dev that would be helpful, so we know we have the newest version installed. Thanks

(stephen_leger) #536

Should probably label dev branches with alpha-xx tags instead of dev so users are aware of potential unstability issues.
Will add version next time.

(bkjernisted) #537

Will hitting the update button update the 140_dev branch? Thanks

(stephen_leger) #538

I dont think so as they share same name, but downgrade then upgrade could do the trick.
Be aware that dev branch may be instable.

(bkjernisted) #539

Thank you stephen.

(Mazui) #540

Thank you! Looks great now.

I know you are busy with your movie production, so don’t feel obligated to reply to the rest of my post until you feel you have time to spare.


I guess the arrows dictate on which side the parented roofs appear?

The arrows only seems to change direction when you have a T-shaped roof. Is it possible to have dormers on both sides of a straight building?

And a feature request: glazing bars in windows :slight_smile: