Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018


(stephen_leger) #561

Currently there is no clean way to handle units in default addons values at create time - so we are stuck to different presets for each unit system.

See also this post about units

Archipack 1.4 multi-dimension allow to override scene units on per dimension basis, and also allow to scale text and symbol. (feel free to download the 140_dev branch on github)

On screen manipulators text size is currently hardcoded, should probably allow resize in addon preferences.

(bkjernisted) #562

Can archipack do gable roofs along with gable dormers or gable roofs off a gable roof? Thanks

(stephen_leger) #563

Hi bkjernisted,
Archipack roofs allready are able to handle gable roofs with dormers,
take a look at this video

(bkjernisted) #564

Looks great. Thank you Stephen

(stephen_leger) #565

Pushed fix for unit rounding in ui.
Still left to handle separate units and default values.

(bkjernisted) #566

When I try to add windows and doors in 1.40 I have to save my file after clicking on the door or window in the thumbnail window. Otherwise I just get a strightline in place of the window or door. Then adjust parameters. Is there another workaround? As well all parts of a door are not showing up in the outliner. Thanks

(stephen_leger) #567

Windows and doors “create tools” are ment to “draw” objects over walls,
1 create a wall
2 In a perspective view, click on either wall or window and choose a preset
3 hover the wall with your mouse and click to create one window/door right on the wall
4 repeat step 3 until all your windows/doors matching this preset are done (they are linked by default)
5 press C to pick another preset or right click or esc to stop the draw tool.

Doors and windows parts are child of the frame, so you have to expand the frame in the outliner to be able to see them.

(bkjernisted) #568

Thanks stephen.

(bluecd) #569

Would you please take a look at some minor issue, once addressed here:
When changing /dragging dim. arrow/ of eg. wall height and snapping to a vertex on another wall as a reference - never fits equally same height/dimension/, always a bit lower.

(stephen_leger) #570

If i recall correctly this issue already has been reported and fixed.
In order to snap wall height using manipulators you have to ensure snap is into vertex mode.
Maybe you’re still facing with this issue in an outdated version.

(bluecd) #571

I can realise its no use to mess around with nearly outdated Bl 2.7 but just


(bkjernisted) #572

In 1.40 when I click on my roof and then choose a different roof from roof styles my roof does not change.

(stephen_leger) #573


  • In order to fix your issue with walls, select all your walls, type in a height using keyboard, and press ALT+ENTER to confirm so the entered value apply on every selected wall.
    Did all your walls z location match (0) ?
    Are floor thickness the same for each wall ?

  • I’m not able to repro the style error with roofs under 1.40, could you try to disable “Quick Edit” to disable throttling of update on change ?
    Maybe share a part of the file using any online service and pm, so i’m able to figure what’s going on.

(bluecd) #574

Well, have not tried your way yet. However if I jyst simply create walls, side by side and they are uneven height, and then try to stretch - this happens.

(stephen_leger) #575

Never ever scale your walls, this is probably the root cause of manipulation issue.
Manipulators dosen’t handle scaled objects so when you snap, internally the right mesured height is set, but object’s scale make it bigger or smaller than desired.

(bluecd) #576

I DID NOT say I scaled.
I said: stretched, using dimension arrow provided with your addon.
Vertex snap activated, two walls created. 2nd snapped to the 1st one. Assume they’re different height.
Now would like to make them same height using addon adjustments.

(bkjernisted) #577

In archipack 1.40 how do you change the viewport color of a fence?

(stephen_leger) #578

Assuming you are using Cycles as render engine, viewport color are in
Properties panel -> Material -> Settings -> Viewport Color

(bkjernisted) #579

Thanks stephen. I had to choose metal material to change the viewport material.

(csimeon) #580

Hi Stephen,
I have somehow messed up the origin of my Reference (for a set of slab/ walls/ doors/ windows).
As a result any new item generated (either totally new, or re-generated when I adjust parameters) appears offset from the actual position.
This behavior started when I accidentally set the origin of the Reference to a point other than the original, higher on the Z-axis (probably while editing multiple objects).
I set the origin again using the Blender command for origin, back to the center of the pyramid’s base. But this did not fix the problem.
Can I reset the reference point, to the base of the pyramid?

Edit, reply:
Actually I had reset the origin of individual walls (many, apparently while editing multiple objects).
Once I reset the wall origins to the start of wall segment 1, everything works fine again.
Maybe this helps someone else…