Archipack 1.3.8 - 18.04.2018

Hello, am i the only one that think its quite odd for an add on that isn’t an active tool to be in the T menu in blender 2.8 ?

i think it’s could be way better if this add-on could be placed in the N menu like any other add-on, any opinions ?

by the way, excellent addon


I got a question about the version 2. As i noticed this is a paid version and i was wondering what the differences are with the free one. In the start of the thread i only see commercial but no description?


Currently there are “official” and “advanced” versions both available in 2.79 and 2.8.

  • Archipack 2.x “advanced” for blender 2.8 will be a paid addon, as sadly i can’t rely on donations / community contributions. As supporter you’ll get 2.0 when released and updates for free.
  • Archipack 1.3.8+ “advanced” for blender 2.79 free for anyone is available from github.
  • Archipack 1.2.8x “official” free version ship with blender 2.79 / 2.8

What’s new ?

While focusing on ease of use and speed, work between 1.3.8 and 2.x include adding support for 2.8 features and refactory of ground classes shared by most objects.
Major parts are already working but there is still a lot to do and i must wait for blocking issues in blender itself to be fixed before any 2.x release.

Major enhancements in 2.x vs 1.3.8+:

  • Support for blender 2.8 and eevee
  • Ability to save materials into library right from your project file
  • Comprehensive material indexes assignment using a drop-down list with material names
  • Enhanced manipulators enabled automatically on object selection change
  • Wall sides auto-snap (provide perfect geometry when not crossing at 90°)
  • Wall draw tool allow modifications through manipulators while drawing.
  • Better and fastest synchronization of objects while editing walls (floors, slabs, moldings, fences, doors, windows and other walls following changes done)
  • Project structure using collections.
  • json based presets files so users are able to share without any security issues
  • Enhanced presets and tools to ease export of models for game engines

Others enhancements available in 1.3.8+ and 2.x (advanced vs official)

  • Kitchen
  • Moldings
  • Blinds
  • Generate floors and moldings from wall within a single click
  • Advanced boolean / offset operations for 2d curves
  • Polygon detection from unordered curves
  • 2d to 3d framework to quickly build models from imported dxf
  • Curve based dimensions symbols
  • 2d svg exporter
  • 2d section tool and section camera
  • Support for custom walls / custom holes
  • Support for custom windows and doors objects

Will 1.38 also get to bl 2.80 free or do you keep that at 1.28?

Man big respect for you, this addon seems like a HUGE project. Ive done some addons and i got one big task of porting a external render engine to 2.80
The addon has some files with 4000-6000 lines of code. That is a major project by itself already.

Than you also work on keeping version live 1 for 2.79 and one for 2.80

One thing i notice big difference in billing. While patron seems small now on gumroad price went quite up. Of course there is a difference because 10 months patron is your billing price.

How are you planning on support for updates? Are the minor releases free and than each big release is payed again?

Missing some info on this. I think it will be good if you state such info. I think the website could / should have info on WHY its different and also why its paid. Perhaps add a table showing the differences, those are alway good features. Or those 3 cards you see on many site which show the differences in small and than a read more link which shows a full table with all features per version :slight_smile:

Webflow is great example for instance,
The table is very clear and easy to read

Just trying to help you in this part

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Thank you for your advices, will update the website soon according !

Archipack’s api is currently around 65k lines of code in 130+ files so definitely yes it’s a huge project. (pygeos sub project, a libgeos pure python port itself is around 30k lines). By design archipack’s objects are sharing more than 60% of code base - write once use everywhere is a rule of thumb.

1.39_dev is the ground for the 2.x branch so the 2.8 compatible advanced version will be 2.x

for 1.2.8x branch “official” free addon shipped with blender 2.79/2.8 i do strictly follow bf rules and keep it working with current blender’s version - but i can’t add thumbs in the repository, nor the huge pygeos part and updater are prohibited.

My patreon was a miserably failing attempt to get people involved on a volunteer basis (archipack poll about how to make dev sustainable show 59% people voting for crowd funding, but in real world nearly nobody does).


Is there away to add cad snap tool into your project. Without cad snap it is hard to work in blender, I have to use SketchUp; and render in blender. So what ever you do to Archipack is not as much use for people who already proficient in other 3d modeling applications. I think you will sale a lot; if you added cad snap like Autocad or Sketchup. I would just pay for just “cad snap” alone vs Archipack, look at “Snap Utilies”; I bought it just for moving object around. It is kind of sad to see blender without proper snapping tool. The first thing I do when modeling a 3d scene is to make an object and move or rotate it around precisely.

My English is rubbish, so please be at peace if I offended any body.


CAD snap would be great, but I can’t agree that is essential. I was using 3dsmax for like 10 years, autocad for 7 year and yes, snap tool s are better but I have no problem with working on archwiz with blender.

Snap rely on low level data access for performance reason, in my opinion doing snap on the python side of blender is not the right place to achieve proper CAD snapping.

Extending on add-on side still rely on existing snap features, and use tricks with transform.translate (as NP station, Archipack and others does) to achieve desired results.

Such snap are quickly running into troubles in edit mode, as they require to add/remove at least one vertex to the geometry, hitting performances on huge meshes (and not even talking about multi object editing issues).

A snap python API is planed, mano-wii allready worked a lot on it, but still not available on public API.


@ stephen_leger, I don’t know anything about coding. I am really appreciated your work. Thank for the clarification; so it is a limitation in blender API; I always thought they choose it to be that way just like @ ajarosz. There are many people out there that model a 3d scene not just for art work, people do it to understand how things are connected and put to together that will represent real world products; if you 3d print a nut or a bolt, it need to fit otherwise it is wasted. It is find just to make thing look pretty, but designer need precision to understand it; may be except some smarty pant that can do without.

Snap on / off will take care of some slowness. I don’t like it to be on all the time like in Sketchup, I think it is a wast of compute power resources. I like how NP Station implemented the snap control, it is very smart to keep it from snapping all over.

May be, who ever that do snapping tool for the future of Blender would just make a hot zone at the tip of the mouse pointer plus a control key in put; so the resource would be focus only at a tiny spot of volume in 3d space around the pointer, and have user control the volume.

Is the snapping which being talked about here something like this?

Still,there are nice persons hold your back and It’s a honor for me to be one of your supporters in pateron though,I didn’t earn big money and Blender right now is still not my major modeling/rendering package. I think I will be patient for archipack,good stuff always deserve waiting.

Best regard
shiyan lin

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rombout, yeap that is correct.

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Hi, first of all thanks for your excellent work Stephen.
I’m newbie Blender user. Architecture modeling is my hobby. So, I have tried Archipack and Archimesh addons. Archimesh is good for single room design, but Archipack appeals me the most modeling complex homes.

But I have some issues with 140_dev:

  1. I have lost textures in Archipack materials after switch from 1.3.8 to 140_dev branch. I try redo Default material library. But no luck, floors etc. generates all off white. Did I miss something?

  2. Export to SVG from Layout is one of cool things in Archipack. It produces very nice blueprints till I add custom hole then the export breaks with msg: ‘PolygonBuilder.placeFreeHoles() unable to assign hole to a exterior’. I remove all custom holes from the project, but error occurs.


Material are loaded only once and if missing (archipack try to find material with same name in scene and use it when found).
If you setup your scene without material library, archipack does create default white materials and then use them when you try to reload.
Select all your objects, and setup a material with a random name, (use object-> make link -> materials) to replace all materials by the new one.
Then save your project, and reload the file. This should remove unused materials, and then archipack will be able to reload materials from library.

Export to svg:
Custom holes should not be the source of your issue at all as they are currently not supported in svg export.
Should be an issue with topology (eg: a “closed” wall not realy closed, but with touching ends)
Could you share the file ? (MP)

Unfortunately, I’ve not managed remove unused materials and force archipack to reload ones from library. Maybe I should learn more about how to use materials in Blender. I will continue to practice.

It seems I have found the cause of svg export crash. In my project I added another wall object around whole building to simulate thickness of external thermal insulation and messed with two different reference points. After delete ‘isolation’ wall, export works.

Hello, Stephen.

Just begin with 2.8 and your addon…
How can I apply holes in 2.8? In 2.79 it’s simple task, here I can’t find button to do this.

Hi Anton,
Thank you for reporting !
1.2.81 require some more love before 2.8 release - as there are some stability issues too.

Look like tools panel is not properly exposed in 1.2.81, in the meantime enable “3d View Modifiers tools” add-on to apply all wall’s modifiers at once.

If you’re regular archipack user, take a look at archipack PRO.

Thanks Stephen, it works.

Another question: Does walls/doors/windows… created in AP 2.0 comes with UV map (what means UV ready?) created or must I create them by myself?

Hi Anton,
Yes archipack objects are uv unwrapped out of the box.
The material library provide sample of how to take advantage of randomness using only one simple tileable texture.
You’ll never find 2 borads, tiles, stair step, beam with same aspect.

Ok, just bought Archipack Pro for 2.8. Most expensive addon I ever bought, but I´m sure I´ll be happy with the purchase - keep up the good work! :slight_smile: