Archipack 1 3.8 roof

How to cut and rotate roof with archipack 1.3.8 and blender 2.79. Need a Gable roof.

Roof are regular object, so use “R” shortcut and rotate according your needs.
In roof parameters you’ll find “Cutter” button, pressing once generate a 2d manipulable boundary of a “hole”.
Take a look a this video it still apply to 1.3.8

That is 2.0 for blender 2.8 can 1.3.8 also do the extrude rotating? Could not find it.

Yes it still apply to 1.3.8
Unless altitudes are different, you may achieve this even without “child roof”.
If you need different altitudes, create a 2nd roof and set the last as child of the 1st one, by selecting parent in child parameter panel.
Then you’ll be able to set dist x and y in main parameters and rotation in the first segment parameters.

Placed two roofs together parenting changed the whole model.
Also I cloud not make a hole when placing the small roof.
The picture above is my blender model which need a real roof.

Take a look at this pic, it’s the setup in “child” roof.
By parent i mean select the parent roof in the “parent” parameter of child roof

O I see its just cutting the small roof in an angle so it fits the bigger roof.
I think I am getting better but its confusing choosing which roof for parenting.
Roof , Roof.01 , Roof.002 , Roof.003

Scaling and cutting roof is not working because it then jumps to the left side roof and is getting bigger again. Hopefully archipack 2.0 is more stable.