Archipack 2.1 for blender 2.8 RELEASE

Stephen would you like me to make you a diagram of what I mean?

Stephen here is a top view. The top diagram is the way your door insrted…the bottom one is the way it needs to be. Are there settings in Archipack to adjust the door the way I have it in the bottom picture? As well, how do you adjust the glass in Archipack windows so they don’t show reflections of for example other windows across the room. Can you turn gloss off in the glass object settings? Do click on the top casing and then disable glossy in the object ray visibility settings? What works for you? For now I disable glass and enable light portal.


Use “offset” on door main parameters to move the door panels beside jambs.

Window glossiness is a material property, so select your window and try to edit your material according your needs. As Chipp said, unless your plane a night version for the images, as long there is more light in the outside than inside, you may simply disable the glass (wich also helps eevee a lot).
I always use light “portals” on windows, note that “portal” is cycles gi related word for such setup and basically is a guide so the render engine is able to cast samples on the inside where it is relevant to do so.
Eevee also takes advantage of those lights so they are important for realism on daylight scenes.

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