Archipack 2.2 for blender 2.8 RELEASE

And then, when i preview close

Ok, still nothing useful in the output, but i suspect a conflict between addons.
Start blender with --factory-startup or disable all addons but archipack.
Re-enable other addons one by one util the error occurs.

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With all addons disabled, except archipack. Keep crashing and taking me out of blender quickly when I preview some floors materials.

Still not able to crash blender with “preview” material, but found an error when archipack object is active and in “manipulate” state, maybe possible cause.
Will push a fix into next release.

steven_leger, the cabinet builder in archipack produce really beautiful cabinets. I have been designing some kitchens lately and have a request.
I made some presets that work really well, but when adding another cabinet it builds a copy of the existing one so for example I go from a tall cabinet to a 3 drawer cabinet I have to change a lot of settings to get what I need and so on. So If I build another preset and use the move tool from “snap utilities addon” I can snap the preset cabinets really easily except when changing materials then I have to do a little more.

So my request is… Is it possible to merge cabinets after they are done I can drag and drop what I need snap them together and then a merge tool that will make them into one.

Or… the possibility to change the preset of each cabinet individually?

Thank you for this awesome addon

Yes, when you add / dup cabinets, duplicates use same parameters than source.
What i can do for now is to allow to move cabinets up/down in the stack, so you may copy any cabinet and then move at right location.
Will take a look at “sub-presets” for cabinets.
Merge is also an option, but order and location may not be simple to guess from selection.

Wow steven, thank you for looking into this.

Hi !
Beside bug fixes and small enhancements, here are some news about the next step with “Array” object. Still a lot of work to polish edges and fix issues.
Here is a stress test of array entity on real world model, using curve based variable scale and rotation on Coliseum.


Hi @stephen_leger

some inspirations for your terrain tools:

very simple and amazing tool… basically spline based mesh cut, generation and procedural shading using dcc internal tools.

Are the segments on each level their own object or is there one segment that goes from the ground all the way to the top?

Awesome Stephen looking forward to play with this!

Here are Coliseum components, custom mesh and custom curves as profile.

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And will it be possible to save presets of these systems?

with some limitations.
Internal geometry generators as you have in fence object like rail / panel / post including custom curve as profile are saved in preset.
Custom mesh / object instance / collection instances generators do not store geometry as json format is not the best one to store geometry - only target object name / collection name is stored.

Hi Stephen, I would like to report annoying bug. Maybe You are already aware of this.
After adding that new feature to interactively split/cut walls, fences I found myself cutting these by accident, everytime when I want to save (ctrl+S) or recal 3D cursor pie menu (shift+S).
When some of these object which can be cut, (like wall or fence) are selected and I press any combination with S key, it perfoms cut and do not do ctrl/shift + s action.
Thanks for looking into this :wink:

Hi Martin,
I’m aware of this issue, will be fixed in next release (only a / s without modifier key - alt ctrl shift) will split.

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Limited support for animation is back, but require special dedicated rendering method.


Hello Stephen,
Is there a way to add a new window of the same type (linked mesh) later on after having excited the Create Window command? Or to match the window type of two existing windows?
Ctrl+L works for the window object but not the rest of the window hierarchy (eg panels, hole etc)
Is there a dedicated Archipack command to “Match Windows”?

Hi, there is 2 ways :
Ctrl+L to create a linked copy, then use “Refresh” in window parameters to recover missing parts.
You may select your window model, and keep ALT pressed while restarting draw tool.


Q2 : Adding array and/ or mirror modifiers for repetition of windows on a facade works after I select the Window (active) and the Hierarchy, then link the modifiers. Would Refresh wotk? Any better way?