Archipack 2.3 for blender 2.8+ / 2.9+ RELEASE

How do we get elevations out of Archipack projects? I can’t seem to find any reference to this anywhere. Sections work but only if you are cutting through geometry. Same question applies for sectional elevations…and roof plans. If it’s not being cut through it won’t appear in the section (target) object. Hopefully doing a Freestyle rendering won’t be the only way out.

Beside “Section” curves, there are “Section” cameras,

Unfortunately lines for elevations require a pretty complex process in order to analyse every single edge visibility, the most efficient way so far involve a render.

Blenderbim approach is a hybrid one - close to camera section - , where background is an image and the section region some kind of lines.

For true “line only” outputs, we must rely on freestyle method to retrieve the edges and vectorize into lines, as it is nearly impossible to create something efficient on the pure python side.

Oh that’s tough! Stuck with Freestyle then. Thanks for feedback.

We are waiting for LANPR to land in master as (way) faster alternative to freeStyle.

In the meantime, MeasureIt ARCH also may be an alternative for this in a forseeable future, but there is a lot of work to turn current code into semi automatic solution at scene level.

My concern at this point is performance, not certain we will be able to make it fast enough for everyday’s usage on “real-world” projects.


I wondered about MeasureIt ARCH as well. It seems to do a decent job with outlines, from what I could see when I tried it out, apart from work flow issues. If it’s any faster than Freestyle (it’s taken me 30 minutes to generate an elevation using Freestyle) then it’ll probably be worth it to have an implementation you have some measure of control over. I wouldn’t hold my breathe too much over LANPR because it’s fate depends so much on what the Blender devs decide to prioritize and how. If you are able to work out something with MeasureIt ARCH and then LANPR lands, well, we’ll have options. Just thinking of how long everyone waited for CAD like snapping in Blender, but now with the CAD Transforms add-on you can implement snapping with the exact sort of nuance required, which quite frankly, not many core blender devs will think of or understand why it’s required off the bat.

Just sharing a floor plan done with Archipak dimmensions + Freestyle


How did you get the door swings and the hatched walls to appear in Freestyle? Did you manually put those in after getting out the Freestyle render?

Looks pro. ));
How about efficiency/speed/learning curve? Comparing to the other software you eg. use to work with?
I mean-to produce similar result…

I did my own 2d blocks with plane and curve with faces just to appear in Freestyle and then render

Thanks! The trick is create a template with symbols/blocks you use most. After that is easy.

Compared to Revit, is a bit slow when it comes to set sections. But compared to SkecthUp/AutoCAD, I think it’s faster.

Any reason to skip the .svg 2d export ?

Improved .svg exporter stability and made up to 10x faster in 2.3.1, it also export any visible curve found in “layout” boundary - typically your 2d symbols.

Wow, Monica! That is amazing.

I use colored plans with materials used in Blender, so I use .png output directly from Blender to join in PDF :slight_smile:

Also, I have some questions / suggestions about features:

1- Is it possible to use shortcuts in the dimensions instead of always clicking the + every time? An example would be a shortcut to add a new dimension point where the cursor position is located.

2- Is it possible to implement some way for the dimensions to update automatically when the object is moved or scaled?

3- Is it possible to edit the floor curve in the editing mode to update it, adding points to adapt to the walls?

4- Is there a way to add molding based on the floor instead of the wall?

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Hi Monica,

1 You should enable “dimension” in wall main tab, you’ll get small “+” on screen for every “measurable” point, so it is way faster to add new dimension to a line.
There is a known issue with dimension in 2.3.1, you have to setup MeasureIt ARCH addon.

2 not until now, unless we do track every single move / scale of objects (not impossible, but ressource expensive, and likely to crash) - by the way scaling archipack objects is definitely something you should avoid.

3 Select the wall and expand “From curve” in the “Axis” tab, you’ll find small square icon beside curve name. When pressed this operator select the curve, and go into edit mode. Wall will update as soon as you exit from edit mode.

4 Floors are not aware of openings, so moldings must depends on walls.

Hey Stephen,

It is possible to setup for change a Wood Baseboard Molding to a Tile Skirting?
Example: See picture below.

Only through texture at this time.

Ok Stephen.

I have an issue (Bug) with Make Unique Tool for Doors and Windows.

Hi Serviteur,
There is a known regression in make unique till 2.3.0, will be fixed in next release.
In the meantime select all childs of the frame and make them unique using blender regular command.

I have been using the 2d layout export with dimensions on a project I am working on and it produces really beautiful results, really easily and really fast. Great work Stephen…

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