Archipack 2.3 for Blender 2.8+ / 2.91+ RELEASE

Hi Pato,
Sub panels still are not available, you may add by hand, but do not parent to window or you’ll loose them when you change parameters.

As i want to keep models properly closed and support for curved top shapes, sub panels require proper intersection check with frame, and i still must figure an easy way to generate glass in the between.

Upcoming release will allow full custom mesh for windows / doors sou you are able to add any model, while the custom object remains a valid archipack object, allowing correct floors / moldings generation around and providing symbols for 2d export.

Hi @stephen_leger thanks a lot for your answer! is there a way to push this with colaboration? meaning on timing.


Hello, is there an easy way to calculate square footage from a slab or set of walls?
I am using a strictly 3d workflow (no 2d->3D walls) I created an area/volume but I can’t make the Area Shape (from curve) generate the segments by referencing the slab (selecting the slab as “from curve” does nothing that I can see). I don’t want to manually (drag) the area/volume to replicate the slab.
I think I am doing somehting wrong or not understanding

Hu Justin,
Select a wall, then go in wall’s parameters, tool tab (right one beside main / axis…) and use Area /Volume button, basically adding area of spaces between walls.

Thanks so much! Not sure how I missed that as I had looked specifically for that.

Really enjoying Archipack

Hi Stephen,

First off, I have to say - great plug-in, despite me having the initial starting troubles in getting a move on. I have watched a bunch of tutorials on getting started and setup using the Archipack add on, but its not as easy as they make it out to be when I try to create doors and windows to the walls that have been created. Would you mind shedding some light on this ?

Story so far…

I have installed versions - 2.83,2.92, 2.93.
From Preferences activated the add-on
Created walls.

but when I try to create doors or windows into the walls, this is what I see :

Looking forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience !

Nevermind. False Alarm. I was able to see the all the included elements when I hit “Render Thumbnails”. I think it would be a good idea to have that as a note in the add-on, or on your website, for Blender newbs like me. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to lock the wall angles at 90° (or -90°) and change the lenghts of the segments independently

Assuming you are using “pro” version, you may use space bar to “lock / unlock” segments so when you alter rotation / length of any segment it does actually move following ones according.

Hi dry eyz,
In addon preference you should see “Documentation” button, so basically you where one click away from the solution.

Hi Stephen

Am trying to make a corner window, the two vertical lines are the two ends. Working from the left, and wrapping around the corner, how do I adjust the length of the return to stop at the point of the shorter arrow?

Clearly I have missed something in this thread explaining it better

Windows are regular ones, “bent” along the corner, so you may select the wall then use arrow manipulator to reduce window size. Manipulators are not bent so one side is right, the other left somewhere in the space after the wall’s corner.

Brilliant! Thank you

Kinda knew it would be this simple, just wasn’t “getting it”

Just out of curiosity, how are geometry nodes going to affect archipack?

Well the first planed thing was boolean, but turns out that geometry nodes based boolean is way too slow as there is no access to “fast” solver.
Curve based walls are something i’m also dreaming from start, but also has huge limitations when it comes to be able to assign materials to parts.
So the road to something realy useful still is long.

Do you have an example of a typical case for boolean in archipack, that I could use in working on more optimizations of the exact solver? I’ve made a bunch of recent improvements but there are many more than can be done. It is good to have examples to guide where to make the next improvements.

The reason that there is no access to the fast solver in geometry nodes is mainly that they liked the fact that the exact solver doesn’t require a round trip through BMesh, and that it would be way too much work to change the fast solver to do that.

Hi Howardt,
For simple cases walls without extra geometry, geometry nodes boolean even is a huge improvement as there are no more need for nested booleans (join cutters, then use result as substract operand for wall) and i guess there are way less depsgraph evaluations in the between making it faster.
People are asking for “layered” walls, with every single compenent like bricks, in such context, exact solver may take more than several seconds to solve the boolean, where “fast” solver may run nearly real-time despite several more depsgraph evaluations occuring in the between.
Will provide test file soon with both setup.

How do I “unlink” a wall created from a slab? Now if I try to edit the wall created from the slab it also updates the slab itself.

Archipack does not create such “links”, but there is a feature called “auto-synchro” trying to keep things in synch when you edit. So disable auto synchro will solve your issue.

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Ok, I will try that. I thought “auto-sync” was global and would update everything once I re-enabled, but that might do the trick then, thanks :+1: