Archipack 2.3 for Blender 2.8+ / 2.91+ RELEASE

That sounds good.
Will also search for “undo legacy”
Thank you for your reply.

Is that also how wall finished work? Because I saw those circle ornaments “lying around on the floor” in a square shape of possibly that size in your video about wall finishings.

Yes, it’s the same way, however wall’s ones are not “normalized” (1x1 unit).

Would it help to put them in 1x1 (as direct reference to real world scale)? Or is it not relevant, since the size is scaled directly from AIP anyway? I’ll try to figure that out, I dearly missed the wall finishings!

Archipack does not rescale finishing ones.

Hello Stephen,
I’m a noobie in Blender and I just bought Artchipack Pro.
I would like to put an old stone texture (the original is a very old house from Corsica). How should I proceed?

Many thanks

Hi Stéphane,
Archipack’s walls expect a 1m x 1m tileable texture for walls.
Geometry based things like finishings are not suited for such kind of irregular pattern.