Archipack 2.3 for blender 2.8 RELEASE

presets are parameters only, difinitely not an efficient way to save object geometry with all chanels available in vertices like uvs, vertex colors and so on.

But you may use any asset manager, or simply merge custom objects.

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@stephen_leger I’m getting really weird viewport issues with this add-on and the latest builds of Blender 2.81 MacOS (last week and up to today)

In the viewport, EEVEE, or Look Dev there will be partial missing base boards, floors, cabinet doors, baseboards on cabinets, windows. It’s odd which items become invisible because they are always part of an actual item that is still visible. Adding a slab for the floor will have missing sides and no surface for the top plane.
(rendering out in cycles everything will be fine)
This happens with already saved files or newly created files. And this only happens on my Mac version of Blender. Everything is fine in the Windows Version




Update: I’m getting the same issues on objects that aren’t associated with Archipack Pro, so this is possibly an actual Blender specific bug.

Hi Timothy,
Unable to repro on linux today’s build here, so yes probably a blender’s bug on mac.

Some news about upcoming nice features for next release.
Added Parametric hole entity, basically providing a way to cut walls like windows do, but without any geometry.


This is awesome! Thanks Stephen. :clap::smile:

Wow Stephen_leger , super useful

Released archipack 2.2.2 today !

For 2.2.1 users, use addon updater in “Create panel -> About tab”
For older releases, use blender archipack update link request form and enter your gumroad / patreon account e-mail.

Release 2.2.2

  • Russian translation by Demid Wolf
  • Parametric Hole object
  • Add Triangulate operator for game engine export
  • fix floors/slab/molding from wall failing with round wall segments
  • fix handles subsurf level to 2
  • fix wall uvs continuity for “in” side

Thanks stephen_leger for the new release. Its working beautifully

First: I tried updating to 2.2.2 through the add-on’s update button and it deleted Archipack PRO from blender.
Second: I tried to install from the download link in email. Blender says it loaded but the add-on is nowhere to be found.

I’m on a Mac. (Blender 2.81)

Any thoughts?

Is the addon folder still in %user%\Libraries|Application Data\Blender\2.81\scripts\addons ?
Any info in console when starting blender ?
If the download fails, the updater should not remove anything, also a zip backup is stored before updating.

new version missing comma after ‘revision’: ( line 36)

change from ‘revision’: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’
to ‘revision’: ‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’,

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Hi wilBr,
Good catch ! Fixed so re-download if update fails.

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Yeah, That did it!!! Thanks @wilBr

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@stephen_leger I did Will’s script change and it worked. Should I update to the new version to be safe for down the road or will it make no difference now?

Something went wrong with the updater,
so if you restore addon in user prefs, the updater will work next time (restore / restart / re-update / restart),
if you don’t you’ll then redownload using e-mail based way on next update.

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How do we download the updated fix?

If the addon fails to register, then download
using request by e-mail form

Hi Stephen,

I’m practicing my skills in Archipack today, bumped into a few questions:
A) Is it possible to create walls from a Curve (Path)?
B) When I create multiple levels, can I duplicate the ground floor including its doors, windows etc?
C) When I use ‘Draw walls’ and hit Enter, is it possible to continue drawning these walls?


A) Beside regular wall button there is “wall from curve” (curve icon), but there is currently a (reported and fixed in next release) bug, so if your wall is not at the right location, you must reverse segments order of the source curve.
B) Select the reference point, you’ll find “Duplicate level”
C) As long as the draw tool is active you are able to continue drawing. Take a look at “Quick start guide : draw walls” on youtube chanel.