Archipack 2.4 for Blender 2.91 / 3.0+ RELEASE

Ahhh! It’s working now. Thank you!!

BTW, I also downloaded today’s latest Blender build. Everything seems to be working fine again.

Forgot to update one file in the first zip, sorry for trouble.
There is an issue with python cache not being properly invalidated in the update process, but fortunately Remove and Restart does the trick.

Released Archipack PRO 2.0.9 yesterday.
This release is a hot fix for auto-manipulate issues only.

As usual, download from gumroad account, remove old, restart blender and setup the new one.

Just wondered if the handrails have been improved from 1.38? Thanks

Hi bkjernisted,
Stair one now support user defined profiles (curve based) and unlimited number of rails.
If i recall correctly fence enhancement include support for closed curves as path / closed path, and also user defined profiles.


@stephen_leger Does archipack support trim pieces? IE ceiling cornice, skirting/architrave around floor/doors/windows. Custom profiles/sizes for these pieces?
I can’t find information on this subject :slight_smile:

Hi Rhys,
Yes archipack does provide “molding” primitive for ceilings / floor, using curves as custom profiles. Presets provide ~100 profiles out of the box and they are all editables and you can save you own.

Wowza :+1: Might have to look into this!

If you do archviz in Blender it’s a must-have. It also pays for itself immediately. I use it on every single job and couldn’t get by without it. I know this sounds like an ad, but it’s my genuine opinion.

Are there any plans to implement caps for the roof ridges? Something like this:
Obviously, we can add it ourselves, but it would be nice to have it be automatic. I’m not sure how easy it is to add something like it.

Hi captainkirk,
“Easy” is probably not the right word for this, i guess “challenging” should be the one.
But at least it is possible, will add this in my todo list.


Ha ha, yeah that probably is more challenging to implement. I just remember when I worked at a studio that used Max and how much the clients would nitpick details like that. Those end caps would give me hours of headaches.

Thanks for being so responsive to suggestions.

Hi Stephen, I’m using your addon every day and it’s really a great time saver and enjoyable to work with.

That said, I may have found a problem :slight_smile:

It seems that when u have more than one scene in your file, Archipack gets lost in making automatic collections, probably because Blender does not allow the same names for them, adding “.00x” etc…

Any thoughts?

You’re right,
Will add support for postfix in collection names, so we are able to use .00x collections in multiple scenes.
Currently when “Archipack” collection is not found, a new one is created.

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Hi Stephen

Can you do a written step by step guide as a complement to the youtube videos?

Hi TripleAAA,
Written documentation still need a lifting for 2.0.x version.

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Why doesn’t archipack exactly align to the grid?

In order to align to the grid, enable the snap, mode “increment” and check “absolute grid snap”.

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Released archipack PRO 2.0.10 today.
This release fix issues with section objects.

In order to streamline the update process, added an update form here Request update through e-mail using official website
You’ll recieve a download link for the addon right in the mailbox in use for your gumroad / patreon account.

Feel free to contact the support if for some reason it doesn’t work for you.

Got this error when I imput my gumroad email:

Page Not Found

Reason: Segment “gen_link.php” was not a keyword for a postVarSet as expected on page with id=1.