Archipack 2.6.0 for Blender 3.1+ RELEASE

Archipack 2.6.0 for blender 3.0 +

The fastest archviz workflow ever

I’ts a game changer in the archipack series with many enhancements.

  • Simplified workflow using auto-manipulate on select.
  • Revamped user interface using tabs.
  • Objects are now all texture uv ready including randomness - allowing near infinite variations.
  • Easy material loading / saving and assignments.
  • And many more enhancements and bug fixes.

Order archipack 2.6.0 on gumroad 49€ + vat
Download archipack community edition 1.2.85 for blender 3.0+ 0€+ vat
Official website
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People involved in architecture are also welcome to join the
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Thanks Steven Leger… this addon version has so many features. Definitely a must have

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I also find it very useful. It’s a huge time saver.

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Released Archipack - PRO 2.0.2 today,

Beside many bug fixes and recent blender api changes adaptations, this version include some pretty exciting new features !

Fixed issues with hardops / kitops / boxcutter / right-click crash wile drawing doors / windows.


Great effort Stephen! Hope this makes Blender technical users feel more at home.

Archipack 2.0 internationalization process is going on.
French and Chinese languages are in progress, Portuguese will follow (expected end of may).
As soon as languages are available i’ll update and push new releases.

Initial terrain from curves / point clouds implementation is going on and will be part of “experimental features” in next release.


Steven_Leger… Archipack rocks !! It is so worth having. Thank you for keeping it affordable. I was wondering of a possibility to have the molding tool behave like the wall tool where it makes turns and snaps and so on. This would be a super useful feature and if it becomes a separate addon I would be the first to buy it.
It would work great for adding molding on top of cabinets and so many other uses…


Draw tool for modlings and fences are possible, based on the wall’s one as they all share the same data model, implementation should be nearly as easy as a copy paste.


WOW… that would be super !!

Shape your world the easy way !
Terrain feature preview of upcoming archipack 2.0.4


Wow impressive !

wow wow this is great…

looks like splineland 3dsmax terrain plugin


Ça commence a devenir très intéressant :slight_smile:

@stephen_leger regarding the video you posted above: the blend between grass texture and grey (rock I imagine) texture was made by vertex color?

It’s a slope based mix between colors, here are the nodes setup.
Slope transition angle in degree (around 37) and sharpness of transition.

Do you think it will be possible to give the opportunity to paint automatically vertex colors to make this transition for game development jobs?
A checkbox option something like: Transition With Vertex colors? Yes/No?

A kind question to The Author- Stephen: Do you consider some relatively perspective development of ArchiPack addon or its just temporary challenge? What/if are the plans for future extending its functionality ? If so-what do you plan for it?

@marcatore Yes, should be possible, however this will require at least one more mesh segmentation at road border as you may guess, vertex colors apply on vertex and we cant rely on base mesh.

@bluecd Archipack addon plans are driven by needs and as i’m lazy when it comes to modelling i try to make this job as easy and fast as possible. On the other hand, majors actors in the archviz industry are money driven projects, leading in half working solutions, pretty slow and painfull workflows.
Got some projects in the boxes (Enhanced 2d export, general cad io, energy / lighting simulations) , but will try to focus on archviz / prototyping workflows and parametric objects improvements first.
Some of those projects require things blender is not even able to handle - eg Open cascade nurbs processing as in ifc import / export, so not even certain it will be possible / doable / not silly at all.


Ok, clear now.

  1. Did you take a look at FreeCAD maybe?
  2. Where/how did you start coding in BL? Any background? Would you recommend anything?
    I plan to purchase the addon, still would like to have possibility to extend it if/where needed - eg .wooden framing etc.

1 Yes i know freeCAD, but found the workflow way too slow and pain full for arch-viz.

2 Started parametric coding around 2003 and published first one 2005 (parametric kitchen max script).
Archipack is now a huge and powerfull class based API, some objects are pretty complex and the logic behind spread over many files.
But once you’re in it’s a true killer, eg kitchen implementation here took only one week. Not much more for terrain.
As start you may try to dissect and modify beam object - other blender’s addons.
Learned coding the hard way, trial and error.
Translating GEOS library from C/java to python was a pretty good exercise to get deeper python knowledge.