Architect´s office

Hi everyone ! this is my recent project. I used Blender + Cycles …Hope you guys like it

one more image

Wow, really nice! I would argue with someone that the chair was a photo lol. Is the glow in the full office picture Volume scattering or post processing?

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Love the view! Very nice lighting especially the last pic. HDRI?

nice work,very realistic lighting in the third was the lighting done(spotlights over table)?

thank you :slight_smile: yes it´s HDRI + sun lamp

thank you :slight_smile: yes, into each lamp is one spot lamp

Nice job on this, seems to be modeled, textured well, and the lighting as others mentioned is very nice.

I do have a question… do architects still use drafting tables at all? Maybe everything has just become computer based in the industry. I guess I’m dating myself by asking this :slight_smile:

Apart from some blur/focus issues on image in post 2, well done!
A thing i noticed is the book “quantum field theory” , it’s really used a lot :slight_smile:

I love the studio ones of the chair. and the very last one is well done also!

Nice job,
really good work on this!

Really fine job, I especially like the newest render. Great job.

nice skills.
Modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering are all beautiful.

thank you :slight_smile: and yes architects still use drafting tables, almost when they start some projects they should make some sketches, i think so, I study architecture and I do this :smiley:

thanks guys for nice comments, It is very motivational for my another works :slight_smile:

Awesome job mate! Love it!

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