Architectual Street Visualisation

I want to show you my work from november 2012. In my site under this adress: I prepared a small making-of. I hope you like this pictures and find something usefull in making of.

and some more

any feedback?

Well it looks nice, but at first I thought that it was more or less Photoshop work and only after reading the making-of I realized that pretty much is actual 3d. The most weak point for me are the trees. They are not convicning, I can see repetition all over the place. Maybe you should have used CPU for rendering and forget about restrictions of GPUs. In this scenario where most of the scene is directly lit it wouldn’t take that much time to render. Lights in windows are too blown out - they should be more yellowish and not so bright. Maybe adding some more small details and randomness here and there could help. But I know that those kind of projects are really hard to execute and the amount of work you’ve put into it is quite impressive.

Hi, I just saw this on Blender3darchitect. Thanks for putting together the making of page, I read it with interest. I just finished an urban project much on the same lines and know it’s really hard to put together such a scene. I’ll see if I get the client’s ok to publish some images on blender artist. I still use BI internal for exterior scenes but I am slowly switching to Cycles so I’m glad to see exemples on this.

I think your project looks clean and professional and has the right amounts of realism and archviz stilisation in it. Architects won’t be bothered by the trees looking a bit repetitive. You did a good job making those trees in sapling, it’s a very good addon but I also stumbled over the leaves distribution thing, the trees get too dense towards the top and it doesen’t look right. You are lucky the client just wanted a certain tree species, mine always want the trees to be there and not cover anything at the same time, that’s a dilemma :slight_smile:

The lighting contrast seems a bit too strong and a bit flat on some areas but I think this is the look you opted for.

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Hi, thanks for replay. I have to agree at point of trees. It`s not that right and good as should be. I change workflow with sampling tree generator and now I make a basic shape of tree and then I use particle system to distribute leaves. Lightning and mood was imposed by architect - he said: “It should look like this and this and that” showing us some examples.

Happy blending!