architectural blenderheads: HOW DO YOU ROCK SO HARD? :)

hey all you archi-blenderheads…ok im knee deep in transition from acad/3ds to blender.

as you all know with archimodeling in offices, speed is a HUGE pressure, now i know that there are some whiz kidz out there doing mind blowing work…ppl like “lumenarchis”, “yellow”, “bebraw”, “cyb” and “tomiuss” just to name a few - u guys are straight up roosters!

sooooo, i was hoping that maybe those who have become proficient at architectural visualizations can post their tips, favorite methods, any ‘red flags’, and whether they prefer to model in blender or import and how and why…just to kinda walk those of us who are on the fence through the process that you guys have sweated blood and tears to figure out…

im not trying to circumvent doing the work and research myself - lord knows ive spent my share of sleepness nights going through forumns and tutorials, but u know how it is in the architecture game-it’d be nice to have a general tips+tricks+ideas+theory’s thread.

if you have opinions and ideas (or even more links to othe blender work in architecture) and just anything to help us architectural blender noobies (and i suspect that theres a bucketload peeping sheepishly at this fourm out there) we would all greatly appreciate it.

open source and the blender community are what keep attracting us - the interface is a bear to learn for many of us who are proficient at MAX and stuff, but lots of us are down with the blender movement and would like to take part - we just need a little push.

…you all get the gist?

…quick rundown of what im up to (personally). i work for a nonprofit architectural firm and software isn’t free so i was looking at blender and fell in love after 3 days (actually love/hate/love). im supposed to teach an in-house class in architectural vizualization and 3d modeling, and was gonna use max (weve’ got max2.5, LOL)…but man im dying to go for blender - so im prepared to burnout and learn it well so i can start teaching it in the next 20 days…ill be only to happy to post any “course materials” i come up with - purely focused on archtiecture, quality and of course speed.

…so whattaya say- you talented dudes wanna help a brotha out?

…how do you model so fast and so awesome?!! (sorry for being so long winded)

Just a few links with a similar topics (maybe you already found them):