architectural competition

just a quick render for a competition (our design did not win)


I think the design is pretty interesting. Makes me want to walk around inside. What about a realtime walkthrough? You could bake the shadows as lightmaps. Just make it a nuance darker. The render looks somewhat overlit. What about some antialiasing?

You could bake the shadows as lightmaps.

i’m interested with that idea. can you point any link for that? or tutorial maybe? …sorry am quite in a hurry now, maybe i’ll just search next time when i have more time. thanks!

dude that is pretty darn sick! :smiley:

Looks very eco-friendly, and does it use pre-cast on cast-on-site concrete? I like the people outlines to give me a sense of scale. Nice wide overhangs for solar cooling. Looks like a great beach-front condo!

This shows great promise. A few things, though: The sky seems to have some artifacts, and I’m not sure what the whitish “ghost” women with purses are. Some additional oversampling levels may get rid of the “jaggies”