Architectural Design Water Simulation

Kitchen 100 sampels render time 4 min


on my website you can see the entire article and more render

Very cool. The inside of the house seems a little too bright to me, and some sequence were a little noisy, especially the TV shot. A nice touch was the dude switching on the lights. The water in the sink seemed more like sludge to me though. :wink:

Thats true the interiors were quite to noisy, Interiors seem to be very simple (furniture) but overall look is ok.

Thanks for the feedback, that’s right, some scenes are a bit noisy, I could not cancel because they took forever to render.

Great arcitecture (spelling) and i really love the song. I wanna have it in a timelapse video so whats the name of the song?

The soundtrack is by Darkozl “bubbs the squirrel” Thanks you for the comment.

Thanks for sharing all the details regarding rendering times and the hardware you used on your blog… very helpful

It is a sort making of.