Architectural Exterior - House

Hi !
here’s my next my job this month, render time approx 1 hour
gtx 580 + gtx660ti GPU Cycles - 2000 samples
this is very fast job, 3 days house project + 2,5 days viz.

house design done in ArchiCAD, the rest made ​​in a blender.
i think it’s the best combination of programs for architects :slight_smile:

best regards


blender screen


AWESOME!!! Wow!!! I always find it hard to get good results in Cylces for Night scene… i ran outta patience and went back into BI

I think the most important thing in getting a good result in the night scene is properly selected color texture sky. It has the greatest impact on the visual tone of the scene. Of course it is good to do a light post processing.


FBX export?

Would you say more about defining the lights ?

As an enthusiast of AV in Blender, is really good to see images like these. Lighting well done and good materials.
The following sugestion depends of the artist and the felling you want to convey, but I prefer more “open” pictures, showing not just the house, but the surroundings as well… not too much, but I think your scene would be even better if you show a little bit of the neighbor´s garden.
Anyway, great job!

bluecd: -
export by *.3ds is the best in Archicad

there is no global light for the scene :slight_smile: (only in house, just few yellow Areas lights in rooms in first floor plan)
light at the garage are just plain with emission material.

scene is illuminated mainly by textured sky (equirectangural texture)

Thx, got it, hope the next come soon? :wink: