architectural figures

Hi all,

I’ve been fiddling with Blender 2.41 and scouring this forum for the past few weeks and have begun to have some modest success. I have rendered a few very realistic architectural projects using advice picked up here and in the noob tutorials. I’ve managed to find a few decent trees, plants and vehicles to enliven my scenes, but cant seem to find any human figures (you know those typical architectural figures). Until now I’ve been throwing in a couple of 2d images in post production to good effect, just a little time consuming. Is there a way of inserting 2d images (maybe with alpha transparency) into a 3d scene that can be included in the render, or alternatively, does anyone know where I can get some basic 3d figures.

Hi Brazilnut

You could do it the SketchUP way and use 2D filled mesh in the shape of various figures. Maybe then map a image with alpha on to it, the mesh would cast shadows too i guess.

You could trace the figures from the image maps you intend using with inkscape or illustrator, export as svg and import into blender which would come in as a curve and if closed would fill automatically. Otherwise you could create your figures outlines in CAD export as DXF or .wrl and import into Blender, convert to a curve with 3R’s mesh2curve python script and then apply the image maps of your people.

Or use one of the images of your people as a background and trace it with curves in blender, there was an old logo tutorial from Bart that shows how to do it.

Thanks Yellow,

I’ll search for Barts tutorial and get experimenting.

Yep. Works fine. We depend on that for a lot of textures, actually. If you have a person / group image that’s easily matted out or is already alpha’d, just stick it on a plane as an image texture, on the material turn the alpha and specular shading down to 0, and toggle alpha in map to… and your cardboard cutouts are ready to position.

Heavily Tessellated:

“and your cardboard cutouts are ready to position.”

Do they cast figure shaped shadows out of interest?