Architectural Interior Modelling

I think this can be counted as my first post, although i was quite surprised to see that i have had an account here since 2002 … tried to register myself and found out that my email already had an account :wink: . Im working with blender since 2001, on a real irregular basis…
Here is some renders i have done of something i would like to call my flat someday.
I would like some critique specially on the texturing and the lighting, wich i call my “bigger” weakpoints ;).
This one was done with Ambient occlusion on, i do not know why the picture on the wall got so dark… But somehow i really like the graini style the shadows get done with AO on, does anybody know how to simulate this withouth so much additional rendering time ?
Same shot as above withouth AO.
A shot from upstairs.

Well its all work in progress, but id’ be thankfull for any good improvement ideas ! Anyways, the task of doing a whole flat is probably doomed to end up in my "good start but never finishes " folder :wink:
Thanks and Greetings .

Hey. A nice first post. It’s hard for me to know how things would change without seeing the blend file, but i wont ask that of you since it’s your work. I would suggest finding a way to lighten up the dark parts on the couch. Maybe make the spec around .02 and hard 20 and add a stucci thats super small and only effects the normal not the color mapped to cube. i’m not totally sure though. I’m sure others will be able to give better tips than me.