Architectural interiors

Hi everyone!
Here are some interior renders made with YafaRay; it was some visualisation of a concept of a dwelling reconstruction.
All C&C are welcome… :slight_smile:

nice work i like the lighting

Wow, this is very well done! As another fan of Yaf[a]ray, I’m happy to see it still used. If you don’t mind, I have some questions for you. Are plants in the scene billboards, or did you go to the trouble of actually modeling them out? Any special tricks to the sofa material, or is it just a UV-textured mesh with a matte shader? Where can I download that picture that’s hanging on the wall in the last render? :slight_smile: The fire isn’t the greatest, but everything else is very well rounded, and well done. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, radialronnie!
The plants are modelled, the sofa only has a diffuse texture from cgtextures - the sofa itself from BB italia. The pictures are from Jackson Pollock. :slight_smile: Yeah i also had problems with fire - that was the best i could do for now… Yafaray is quite usefull piece of program, and there are progress always…

Thanks, @abdelsidi!