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I have a land i want to sub-divde into several plot systems. How to make Plots in that Land and Division of Land into Plots for example 30x30, 60x40 and road, garden, Space Civic Amenities, etc. Reference Video link given below. Is there any addon can sub divide with proportional way adjusting the parameters.

Reference Video

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The Released Scripts and Themes forum is where people announce that they’ve finished an add-on or a theme. It’s not really the right place to ask if an add-on or script already exists.

There should be one more tab Similar to this addon available. When people post question this type of feature any addon is available they can get the particular addon link. Modelling is also not right place. The above link is not an modelling its some feature should be created by addon creators.

So, you want a script to do the plot finding? The video you linked shows someone manually denoting the plot. I think this actually is about modeling, not scripting. Please clarify.

I think if its done in scripting it will be much easy to adjust any parameters for plot of 30x40 -3 qty and 60x40 - 8 qty civic emetics some parameters and road,etc filled all parameters should adjust in the given land.

Perhaps this is what you are thinking of.

It is for animation or for a making good scene but not for architectural land with correct measurements. With the reference video u can get the idea how the plots are getting adjust road etc. Thanks for replying

You might try Crystools:
There’s a voronoi subdivision tool in there that might be what you want.