Architectural: Latest Interior model

Here is my latest interior model. I thought it turned out pretty well. I hope to render my next project with YafRay and use GI and other cool effect. But I did not have enough RAM to do so in this project. 1GB is currently on its way to my house though, so that should help. Anyways, here are the images. I know there are things I could tweak but it’s done because the customer says it’s done and I am not making money by continuing on it. I’d still love to hear some feedback from you guys though that could help me with my next interior.


here are my crits:

there are no shadows in your pictures, you should tweak the lighting! now it don’t look so real. The washbasin in the first picture is to small, or?

Agreed. There should be more shadows. Thanks for that crit.

The wash basin was sized to his spec. It’s a small sink about 1 foot wide for a bar area.

ok, maybe I’m missing something here…

There seem to be stars floating around the ceiling in 2 of your renders (over by the theater area). I can’t tell what these are supposed to be. It could just be that i’m not thinking well (it is early in the morning), but I’m not sure if those are intentional or not.

Other than that, a solid modelling/texturing job, good work!

XrQLz :wink:

Nope… you’re right on. There are stars on the ceiling. The owner of this theater plans to fill his ceiling above the theater with fiber optics that will simulate a starry night above his head while he watches movies. It is a common effect seen in higher end theaters. However, it is costly and difficult to create. Some star fields even twinkle different colors like real stars.