Architectural model

Hi all,

I’m a 3d artist (most of the time) and recently I’ve been collaborating with a small render studio (3dmax and vray, as usually in Spain) where apart the typical photorealistic renders we have made some renders simulating an architecture model. As all of the renders were made with vray, I left with the need of making some related renders with blender like those models, with black skies and plastic buildings… :cool:

This is my first attempt with a simple model from Suicidator City Generator and some Sapling trees randomly scattered.

I will model an interesting building and render it like this (I expect better). I’m a bit tired of photorealism :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve also tried to render it with BI but it makes my blender crash (blender closes automatically) or lasts forever… so for this time I will stay with cycles. I’ve also tried with luxrender and although I love this soft, cycles’ workflow is friendlier for me to work with it.

Have you people done similar renders?

Thanks for viewing!