Architectural modeling in milimeters accuracy. How?

Hi folks.

I’m an architect, and I want to use Blender for my architectural modeling and visaulisation works.

But I could not solve how to model accurately in blender. I searched for several threads. They all say different things.

For example I want work in metric units. I can change it metric, but when I enter any value like 1, it models as 1 meter. But I work in milimeters or cm. So every time I draw in milimeters I have to enter 0.005 for 5mm. Is there any easier way to do this?

And another issue about milimetric modeling is, for example (MR) and V-Ray needs real-world scaled models to render accuratly (calculating lights etc.). In blender, is 1m is a real 1m? Or I just see units in metric?


In 2.49, Blender units are arbitrary. The default values for some of the physics do assume 1 BU = 1 m, but other than that you can just use 1 BU as whatever you want.

In 2.5x, it is more explicit that at normal scale, 1 BU = 1 m, but you can change that scale. In the Properties window, under Scene -> Units, set the units to metric and the scale to .01, and now 1 BU = 1 cm.

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Hmm, that’s a little bit bizaare hum? But as my understading, you say:

Change units to METRIC
reduce down the unit scale to 0.001
change grid spacing to 10cm and subdivisions to 10 (for example)

to model in milimetric, right??

You can also type in the units such as m, cm, mm, but I have found on mm scales that pushing verticies interactively is problematic since Blender doesn’t appear to respect scaling in the viewport, or lacks the precision at that scale, at least in 2.55. But if you’re typing your units in, you won’t have a problem.

seems to work if you enter in mm
but what is shown in n Tranform panel is not consistant!
like when you moe the default cube
looks at the location or scale and some values can be shown as cm or mm or even um
i mean is there a way to make it consistant >