Architectural modelling

I was thinking of turning my house into a 3D model. I would like to try new wall colours, or furniture or simply reaarraning the rooms and so I thought it might be a good idea to use Blender for that.
Now I wonder if anybody did something similar and has some tips how to best approach this. Like scaling or such stuff. Or would it be better to use something else than Blender, for such a project?

You might wanna try this one: It offers 2D and 3D floorplanning. :slight_smile:

Take drawing of your floor plan, set it in top Ortho view as background picture, scale it so that 1 blender unit is equal to 1 plan unit. Set in Scene properties Units to what you feel appropriate. Add a Plane and in edit mode start to move, extrude and scale - trace plan. Extrude all up…Set image for a front view… And so on.
Could be boring, could be fun. Depends.
Here’s great tutorial, anyways.

Thanks for the link. I take a look at it. I was thinking of using Blender also because I want to do something usefull with it, and thought that it might be able to create better images. Though it is probably a lot of work if you want to go in the direction of photorealism. Not sure I’m up to this. :confused:

Well, I was registering 10 years ago. :slight_smile: I haven’t done much though, but this plan has been in my head for years and I want to see how far I can take it.

Thanks for your advice, that was the info I was looking for.

I now measured the first room and took some reference fotos. Now I wonder, is it a good idea to create each room as a seperate blender file, and merge it later if I want a complete overview? Or should I rather go for the complete house in one scene, which might become pretty big.

Typically you separate floor plan by layer. Here is good tutorial.

I love to model Buildings in Sketchup. It’s the easiest, fastest and most flexible way to model buildings.
Import it into Blender by the OBJ-Format.
Renderings with Cycles (GPU).

Kind regards