Architectural Plans

Hei guys,
Does anyone know a software which is useful to draw architectural plans? At the moment I search for plans on the internet, open them as background-image in Blender and model the building. But I wan’t to make my own plans.
I search for nothing special, maybe just draw the lines and the possibility to add a few architectural symbols, e.g. the symbol for a door or windows. It should be free, or not too expensive.
I’m using windows and Ubuntu, so it should work with one of these os.

you can have a look at Yorik’s Site about architectural work using blender and opensource freecad.
Freecad may be overkill for your task and so I searched for free blueprint software and hey that’s is a huge commercial market. But finally here is a real free gem:

Of course if you only want to draw all by hand then there’s Inkscape:


Thank you. I think I will use SweetHome 3D :slight_smile:

some people like google sketchup…me personally, there’s no better and faster program than Chief Architect. Trouble is, it isnt free ($2500) and 2, it tends to create meshes with far too many polygons in them (which i believe is because it is modelling in 3d the entire inside/centre/and outside of building framing and objects.

Of course, i am biased as i have been using it in drafting business for nearly 10 years now, however, i have looked at other competing software and frankly, nothing comes close!

try Draftsight. I’m using it instead of Autocad. It’s perfect and works on cross-platform. google it, you’ll find a lot of videos and tutorials whitin.
And yes, did I mentioned that is free.